Human Druidic Gods

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Human Druidic Gods

Post by losloris »

We are reconfiguring, reorganising and adjusting to new math on the composition of the party. Long ago the party took out The Mysterious Tower, we call it Tamm's Tower. We will retire there, set up shop, actually attract followers. 30 years of DMing and I have never done this. (Is it any fun?) Trouv Tou could want/need to pay attention to a human druidic god.

Would you have resources to point me towards on human druidic god's?

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Re: Human Druidic Gods

Post by Fenris Ulfhamr »

One of my players follows Ymir (who is equated with Variag in at least one source). He reasoned since the giant's corpse was used to fashion the earth and sky, his god was the natural world. I loved this dead-but-dreaming idea, and even planned a campaign to the elemental plane of "earth" where they would journey across and within Ymir's corpse

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Re: Human Druidic Gods

Post by Ravenheart87 »

In my campaigns druids usually worship no gods but nature itself, or celtic gods, or some of the old ones (eg. Shub-Niggurath).
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