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Moving Things Along

Post by losloris »

We are a super group, five in all when we are all at the table. All are friends of mine who have become very friendly after once a monthing over three years.

When the game is on it seems to take an impossible amount of time to come to a decision on what to do next. Sometimes this can be as mondain as whether to turn right or go straight ahead.

I am thinking of imposing some type of rule to end debate, something like, you have five minutes to kick an option about collectively, and then each have one minute to present your idea and then vote. Seriously, just this would speed things up a bit.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Moving Things Along

Post by Fenris Ulfhamr »

I throw in a two-minute sand timer when in combat and give timed breaks for big decisions. Real cliffhangers I try to plan for end of session so the issues get hashed out between games. I said "try", still get bogged down at my table, but it seems to help!

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