Bards - Too weak?

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Bards - Too weak?

Post by TheCaptain » Sat Sep 05, 2020 2:53 pm

The Bard, as outlined in Crawl!Fanzine No. 6: Classic Class Collection, seems pretty weak to me.

Spellcasting is hardly possible, no combat skills to speak of, no skill-burns to support spells or talents. The talents seem quite weak to me too, except for the abilities of "Calm" or "Challenge" against larger groups of enemies. But laughable in comparison to the abilities of different spells. Also only a 1d14 talent die means that they hardly ever work for lower levels (and it takes until Level-5 to have d20).

Anything I'm missing, or experience in playing Bards well? Any ideas how to improve Bards?

I have one player who loves his bard, so I would really like to make Bards work.

P.S: I noticed a larger discussion here how to design the Bard: ... 107f0af910

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