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monster fumbles

Post by shawman »

anyone got any cool fumble tables? are there any tables in the rulebook for rolling 1's with monster attacks?
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Re: monster fumbles

Post by DM Marcus »

Hmmmm.... I don't think there is a fumble table for monsters in the big book. All monsters are pretty unique so it would be a hard task to make a fumble table that work for a goblin, a slime, a harpy, a ghost, etc...

There is a generic fumble table on page 80 that would work for any creature brandishing a weapon. For any creature that is using magic in some fashion, I guess you could use the generic spell misfire on page 120. That could work as a fumble table for magic-using beasts.

I bet if you put forth a creature and asked the community for ideas, you'd have the coolest fumble table ever in no time.
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Re: monster fumbles

Post by King Nate »

I use this table I found on this site. ... les#p72257
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Re: monster fumbles

Post by Scatonaut »

For those who find the DCC RPG rules on the subject lacking, I have made a pdf document for somewhat extended fumble tables/rules for melee & missile weapons and non-humanoid monsters: ... le-tables/
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