Missed the Dark Tower KS - Deep Regrets

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Missed the Dark Tower KS - Deep Regrets

Post by JamesBeadle »

So I just a few minutes ago learned about the Dark Tower Kickstarter that GG ran last year. I'm an old DM (44 years of running games) but brand spanking new to DCC, which my best friend turned me onto late last week. I ordered the main rulebook and read it in a day, what a great game! I now own a DM screen, the Empire of the the East game setting, and tomorrow am having DCC #89 delivered. I've been digging about online and came across the DT kickstarter. I was a kid when this module was first printed by Judges Guild and didn't have the money to buy the adventure, something I always regretted, and now this happens and I missed the boat again! What luck. :(
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Re: Missed the Dark Tower KS - Deep Regrets

Post by Ravenheart87 »

Don't worry, you will be able to buy it once it's out.
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Re: Missed the Dark Tower KS - Deep Regrets

Post by Persimmon »

Stay tuned....they're kickstarting Caverns of Thracia later this year.
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Re: Missed the Dark Tower KS - Deep Regrets

Post by Bobjester »

Great news. I too missed out on the DT KS, but I chose not to participate until the other KSs I backed are fulfilled. Not concerned about them not being fulfilled or anything, but I have a bad habit of letting projects like this go unmonitored and I forget they exist.

In fact, I had to look up what I am currently backing:
- DCC 100 Music of the Spheres is Chaos,
- Till Death Do Us Part - A D&D adventure, 5e, 1e and C&C by Heidi Gygax and Erik Garland,
- and Monty Python's Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme by Exalted Funeral.

That last one was a hefty pledge, so I put off any other hefty pledges until that one delivers.
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