Zero-level Character Concepts ?.

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Zero-level Character Concepts ?.

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So I was in class and thinking of silly names for zero level adventurers, and I came up with these, and since I know better than to get too attached, I used a single word or appropriate phrase to give a general idea of who these folks are deep down.

Gal Darn - Liar

Ohm Gee - Coward

Sippu - Stalwart Woman (Since I don't normally play ladies, it's important to point out when she's a lady (whoa whoa whoa)

So forum-dwellers, what other ideas for characters have you been dreaming up?

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Re: Zero-level Character Concepts ?.

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Some older ones I have saved if I ever need a group of NPCs:

Matth-pew: Regular church-goer
Matth-phew: Worrier (think C-3P0 anxiety)
Matth-hew: Dedicated stonemason (maybe a dwarf)
Matth-pewpew: Aggresive hunter (if possible in the setting then a gunslinger)
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Re: Zero-level Character Concepts ?.

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I'm always judging so I don't often create characters.

But when I do (and my players too) I tell them to give them simple names once they do something cool. And then give them a "descriptive name" once they move up to Level 1.

For example: my dwarven miner, was named Donald once he did his first kill, and once he survived his first adventure, he became chaotic at first level and was re-named "Donald the Destroyer".
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