Improvement: Usability Issues in Product/Online Store

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Improvement: Usability Issues in Product/Online Store

Post by modemaus » Tue Dec 25, 2012 6:41 pm

- I would love to see a tabular list of DCC modules with details such as Release Number, Party level, general description, title, author, etc, etc. The Goodman online store is great for the fact that it enables me to actually get something, but none of the online stores are very informative. For example, go to and notice that the images of the modules are very pretty but the text completely illegible due to small image size, with no information whatsoever in text format until you dig into each individual link. Furthermore, the numerology of these modules (66.5? 70?) are misleading - where is number 0? 1? Do they not exist or are they not listed in the store? Are the DCC RPG specific modules a continuation of the DCC series, or part of the DCC series? The classification is very strange.

The reason for this complaint is that my interest as a person starting out is with 0-level adventures, for which I think I have found 2 total, after having to dig into some 20-ish modules on that page to get the information I need.

The same is true at RPG Now - I try to sort out the DCCPRG specific modules, but it is littered with stuff for Cthulu and DCC modules for the 1E, 4E compatible, etc, modules. There should be a link under Rules Systems for DCC RPG, not including DCC conversions, to make this information clear.

- More misinformation at - from the Products page, I assume DCC RPG and DCC should lead to information about DCC RPG product on one page, and DCC conversion modules on the other, but the DCC link leads to a different page with similar information (identical even) to the DCC RPG page.

- The adventure finder, as far as I can tell, does not include DCC RPG modules, but does not make this clear as the user drills down through multiple pages that are a bit confusing unless you're a loyal Goodman follower for a long period of time.

- on the Online store page, under DCC RPG, a bunch of 4E modules are listed which I assume is a marketing decision, but in the light of the general confusion and disorganization, it just hammers my brain as a user with more durp as I scroll through this confusing mess. I highly recommend that you at least write a big title above it, "If you like DCC RPG, you may also enjoy our 4E conversion modules" - which is probably true, and doesn't promote the current poor information hierarchy which suggests this: You are on the DCC RPG page, which has three sub-sections of equal value to you titled "DCC RPG", "DCC RPG Modules", "4E System Modules"

Just some ideas that I think may help keep the user access to desired product more consistent and possibly lead to more sales. I would be interested to see if you could start a session every time someone goes to the online store, and then test and see if that session ever completes with a checkout. I would venture to say that there would be many sessions to do not complete - probably because the online-store is currenly being used as a resource for information due to lack of information on the Products page where it belongs, and confusion that results in the user not actually finding what they were looking for.

If anyone in charge of this website would like me to write out detailed usability scenarios where one could get lost, I could probably put them together if there is any interest.

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