Session 36 Chapter Two

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Session 36 Chapter Two

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Session 36- All players present.

As requested, the PC names will appear before the log entry.

Knight- Hyfaidd
Mystic- Quinlan
Rager- Phalaanx
Scrub- Searlean (NPC)

The infiltration continues. Knight and Scrub escorted the abused female to the secret tunnel while Rager and Mystic stood watch in the mid-hallway room to the right that had contained the man in plate mail before. Knight & Scrub headed back after telling the female to stay hidden in the house at the other end until they came to get her or she saw a clear time when the gangs were not around. She agreed and left up the tunnel.

Knight noticed a faint shimmering at the foot of the stair case on the way back. He immediately fired an arrow into the haze. Mystic was leaning out to watch the stairs when he heard knight return. He glanced at him and started to turn back when he realized Knight was firing his bow. The arrow sped past Mystic and clanked off an armored foe down the hall that was cloaked by an invisibility spell. Mystic & Rager raced out the door and down the hall to engage the invisible enemy but as they beat him down, Rager was struck in the side by another edged weapon. He quickly realized that another invisible foe had to be there. During the fight, Knight & Scrub were enclosed in a faint dark haze which caused them very minor negatives to ranged attack. As the PCs came close to defeating the three enemies, they heard the approach of more armored adversaries from down the stairs. They decided to start a fighting retreat down the hall back towards the kitchen. Luckily, they killed the three foes before starting the retreat. They were able to setup at the end of the hall when the first of the second patrol arrived. Knight and Scrub knocked off the first enemy to arrive. The other three engaged the party and were beaten down. They were still taking some faint magical fire though. Rager moved up the hall swinging his great ax in large arcs. Mystic attempted to use thrown blood to locate the invisible opponent. Knight decided to draw his sword and charge to the stairwell point first. The caster was so shocked by the act that he didn’t even move. Knight lucked into a strike that pinged off the guy’s armor. After two rounds though, Knight fell to his opponent. Rager slapped a heal spell on him when he hit the bottom stair and then raced up to face the enemy. He struck at him a few times but was also overwhelmed. Scrub then charged the stairs while Knight healed Rager. In her blind rage at the wounding of her mentor, she actually managed to kill the enemy.

They PCs then decided to hide all the bodies in the different rooms. Knight and Mystic then stood watched while Rager & Scrub slept for an hour.

Session ended here since the next scene would probably be battle and time was growing short.
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