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Session 34 Chapter Two

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 7:41 pm
by StormPatriarch
Session 34- All players present.

As requested, the PC names will appear before the log entry.

Knight- Hyfaidd
Mystic- Quinlan
Rager- Phalaanx
Scrub- Searlean (NPC)

Knight was able to rig up a rope to get the anvil out of the hole. He then cast invisibility on himself and the dwarf women. Mystic & Rager carried the anvil. They all then went out and down the street. Nothing was moving in the street and there were no signs of anyone about. They moved as fast as they were able towards the exit. Nothing bothered them until they hit the aversion zone. It apparently had been activated at some point. The first section knocked the dwarf into seizures. Knight failed his reflex roll and dropped her. He fortified her Resilience but it didn’t give enough to stop the seizures. He then grabbed her arm and pushed ahead. The second section sent him down. Mystic and Rager quickly cast fortify Resilience spells on him which brought him back. They then fortified themselves and ran through the zones (With the anvil still in their hands!). Mystic fortified the dwarf’s resilience but it wasn’t enough to snap her out of it. Several arrows then descended upon them from the direction of the street rooftops. These mostly failed to penetrate or only scratched the recipients. The PCs were able to get out of range rather quickly.

They boarded the nearest subway to head back to Knight’s temple. During the ride, Mystic noticed that one of the passengers was glaring at them. He waited until he glanced again, leaned towards the man and asked if there was anything he could do for him. The elf snarkily replied that he would greatly appreciate it if they all would just die. Mystic kept after the guy to meet him in single combat at the next stop. He was rather rudely refused. After some more banter and the backing off of the regular crowd. The elf grabbed a nearby kid. Mystic told him told him he was a coward and asked why he would do such a dishonorable thing. The Elf stated that he did it because he knew how much it would harm Mystic to not be able to save him. Rager had enough at that and cast smite on the elf (who rather smugly stated “I bet that spell…excuse me prayer to your goddess is even more impressive in person”). Mystic quickly closed to melee range and struck but his blade seemed to scrape against something other than flesh. Knight had started to prep the bow but at the Elf’s words, he unsheathed his sword and stood in front of the dwarf instead. Mystic made a grab for the kid but his hand slid away from the child. The next stop came and the crowd exited the car. The Elf left as well but he tossed the kid back into the car. The doors slid shut and the tram left the station. The PCs were all wondering what that was all about when Mystic noticed that the kid who had been sobbing and crying, had gone silent as soon as the door closed. Unfortunately, this wasn’t much time to avoid the blast. All present took damage since they had been running on empty for sometime.

At the next stop, any potential passengers declined to get on once they saw the state of the car. At the stop after that, the PCs were greeted by 2 squads of the city military. They were asked to step out of the car and disarm. Knight complied immediately and informed them of the dwarf woman’s condition. Rager sheathed his weapon initially but after arguing a bit, finally dropped his weapons and allowed Knight to help him out of his armor (he has spikes on it). Mystic had the greatest difficulty releasing his weapon since it is so integral to his religion but the leader of the squads would not compromise. He eventually capitulated. Their weapons were gathered respectfully and placed in separate bags. They then were escorted to the nearest watch station and interviewed individually. Rager asked for a representative from his temple to be alerted but otherwise answered honestly. The others just answered. After several hours, they were brought together and the leader spoke to them. He said that he didn’t have anything to charge them with at this time because as far as they could tell, the PCs were telling the truth. The sticky point was that none of the passengers that disembarked when the disturbance started remembered anything unusual happening. He told them to not leave town. The dwarf had asked to remain with Knight and was remanded into his care. She was also processed as a newcomer to the city since apparently she had no record with city officials. They agreed to meet each other at Knight’s temple in the morning. They were each allowed to arm & armor back up and then escorted back to their temples.

They each reported to their leaders and rested. In the morning, they met at Knight’s temple. He took them to the dwarf who revealed that the people who had done this to her were two humans, two halflings, an elf & a dwarf who were new members of the street gang. She revealed that the dwarf’s armor sounded like the foreign armor the temple people were using. She also informed them that she was pretty sure several of the missing temple people were being kept in the new temple. She admitted that the tunnel under her floor lead across the street. It had been a secret escape tunnel kept by the former owners. They had paid her to keep it for them. The new owners apparently had not known about it until she used it to spy on them. The PCs asked her how much blood would pay for the damages done to her. She simply stated that she was alive. They then asked if a few missing limbs would restore the balance and she agreed.

After a while longer, they were summoned with Scrub to a room near the conclave room. Here the found the second in command of each of their respective temples. After they arrived, the Seconds magically sealed the room. They explained that the government was not listening about the internal threat because of the external one to the north. Because of this, the temples had agreed to send the party into the temple using the secret passage and under the city government’s noses. They were given a choice on wither to go or not. They all agreed to go.

Game ended here so they could plan for the assault. No problems mechanics wise. It was another good role-playing night with a dash of violence.

Re: Session 34 Chapter Two

Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 8:23 pm
by dancross
I'm looking forward to showing you the new material soon. ;-)

Re: Session 34 Chapter Two

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:05 pm
by StormPatriarch
dancross wrote:I'm looking forward to showing you the new material soon. ;-)