Session 33 Chapter Two

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Session 33 Chapter Two

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Session 33- All players present.

As requested, the PC names will appear before the log entry.

Knight- Hyfaidd
Mystic- Quinlan
Rager- Phalaanx
Scrub- Searlean (NPC)

The PCs decided to meet up for lunch a couple of days later in the merchant quarter. Mystic was promoted and rec’d his new armor. The colors had been reversed. It was now black armor with red lines. He arrived first at the bar. He ordered tea as usual. Rager & Knight arrived about 10 minutes later. Rager marched up to the bar and demanded a beer and a ham hock. He slammed the beer and ordered another. Knight scanned the crowd for Mystic but missed seeing him in the darkened corner table (Black armor must have blended to well). Knight finally spotted him when he took a sip from his tea. They headed over to the table and began deciding on what to do next. Rager wanted to go back to the old man on the slum street and find out why he betrayed him (very politely of course). Knight wanted to further investigate some information avenues but Rager won out in the end.

After they finished their meals (and Rager sobered up some), they left for the low quarter. They stopped by the watch post nearest the street. A dwarven male of middle years was on duty. He asked their names and business. They provided their names. Rager then explained that they were in the neighborhood to investigate the new temple that they believed was the source of the poisoned incense (for back ground info, any investigations would need to be authorized by government channels. No other church would ever have permission to investigate another). The watchman got an odd look on his face and then said for them to do as they felt they needed to. Rager detected magic and rolled extremely well. He was able to determine that the watchman had just been manipulated magically. They left and Rager explained to the others what had happened. He then proceeded to the street the temple was on. They all discussed the implications of what had just happened.

They entered the street and Rager detected magic again. He rolled really well again and spied the faint echo of an untriggered aversion spell across the mouth of the street. He also found that the informant’s door was magically reinforced w/ mystic magic and the door across from it was reinforced w/supernatural magic. Rager strode up to the door of the informant. Mystic noticed that only a hand full of gang members was in the street and several of them looked wounded. Rager noticed that the door had a recently painted symbol on it. He knocked politely. He knocked again louder when no one responded. He used the knob on the balance side of his ax for the next “knock”. Then a voice asked him what did he want. He said for them to open the door. The voice declined rather rudely. At that point, Rager decided to open the door for himself with the sharp side of his ax. After the first strike, he noticed that the door was actually just covering a stone wall. He struck again and the last vestige of the door fell away. He attempted magic detection again and found the wall to be unmagical. He checked the other doors for symbol and saw that the next one also had the symbol on it. He knocked a few times until the door broke and entered the residence. Knight & Mystic were both trying to figure out what to do about this as Rager charged ahead. Once inside, he saw four men leave through a hallway. He gave chase. He entered the hall in time to see the last two fleeing though a back door into the alley beyond. As he came abreast of the archways on either side, two short swords came out. He noticed the first one in time to take it on his weapon but the second struck into his back. The two men tried to hit him again but he parried and evaded the attacks. He then obliterated the one who scratched him and knocked the other one down. Rager then stepped on the wounded one and explained that that he should cease struggling. After that, the gang member cooperated nicely. Rager dragged him to the front door and asked if he knew what the symbol meant. The ganger said “Joris” had told him that it meant they were marked for death. Knight checked on the killed one but realized there was nothing he could do. Rager then dragged the wounded one into the street and told him to point out Joris. He did and Rager sent the man back into the house with a forceful shove. Mystic & Knight were both having moral or honor qualms about the actions of Rager in the whole scene but they were unable to resolve them. This caused them to hesitate.

Rager then moved towards the man indicated. Joris was standing in a group of three gangers that proceeded to move away as soon as Rager started towards them. Rager highlighted them with a light spell and picked up the pace. In turn, the three men moved faster and ducked around the corner into the cul-de-sac. The PCs pursued but found an empty yard and the echo of a slamming door. Rager detected magic again and saw that the temple door was glowing of defensive magic and nothing else. Mystic detected magic as well and found that one of the boarded up doors was magical in some nature. Knight investigated the door once Mystic pointed it out but was unable to find the trigger. They decided to back off for the moment. As they started to leave the cul-de-sac, Knight and Mystic noticed that the blind female dwarf’s door had been destroyed. They moved to investigate and found all the things that had been piled up had been reduced to kindling into pile against the far wall. Knight heard faint movement noises upstairs. Knight and Mystic moved to investigate while Rager idly poked through the pile of debris. Upstairs, Knight found another pile of debris and the movement sounds came from it. He moved closer while casting a light spell on his helmet. He stated his formal name and the movement in the pile moved toward him with many sobs and crying. He knelt and found the head of the dwarven women coming towards him through the pile. He saw that her legs and been removed and several other sever injures. He quickly healed her as best he could. He then picked her up and headed for the stairs. Meanwhile, Rager had come across several fine dwarven made tools for metal engraving. He placed them into his pack and continued to poke through the debris. Knight said that they needed to get the women out of here. Rager cast a fortify resilience spell on here when he saw her plight. She started to struggle against Knight when she saw that he was taking her out of the home. She said she couldn’t leave with out her tools. Rager showed her that he had them. She looked somewhat relieved but then asked were the anvil was. Rager turned back to the pile and poked around again. Mystic moved out on top of the pile. After several steps, the pile collapsed sending Mystic down into its middle. He hit his head on the anvil and slid into the underground. After the dust settled a bit, he cast a light spell to see that he was actually in an underground tunnel. Rager told him to toss up the anvil since they needed to get the women out of here (what the character said was quite in character but a little wrong for this posting actually).

Game ended here due to time. It was a very entertaining session for role-playing. System is still holding up well.
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