Session 26 Chapter Two

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Session 26 Chapter Two

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Session 26- All players present.

As requested, the PC names will appear before the log entry.

Knight- Hyfaidd
Mystic- Quinlan
Rager- Phalaanx
Scrub- Searlean (NPC)

The meet with the informant was the main agenda for the session. The party went drinking for a while to cut the intervening time away. Nothing of any significance occurred. They decided to arrive ½ hour early to setup. Knight & Mystic take up crouching positions behind trash receptacles on the platform. Rager & Scrub stand against a post in the middle. About 15 minutes passed the appointed time, a hunched over figure in an oversized cloak approached Rager. He informs him that the assassin “Blood” is reached by dead drop locations and that he would be able to start the process for them if Rager wishes (and pays him). Rager agrees and pays the fee. The informant tells them to wait her another ½ hour and he should have the location of the first dead drop. He then left. The PCs settle in to wait some more.

Soon after a train arrives, opens its doors, closes its doors and then leaves. Seconds after, Knight hears a footfall but is unable to locate the source. Mystic hears wood on stone on the other side of the platform but is also unable to find the source. Almost the ½ hour later, a cloaked figure moves onto the platform and hands a piece of paper to Rager. He takes it and is hit with a terrific shock (almost his entire RS pool was gone in the one shot). He strikes back for some damage and knocks the cloak off the figure. This reveals his opponent to be a carved ivory statue of a female wielding a knife. Her eyes glowing purple as she starts to slash at him. Knight & Mystic start towards the battle but two assassins each backstab them both.

The PCs ended up in serious trouble. Knight ended up almost going down in back to back rounds. Rager was on his last legs. Luckily Mystic finished off his two opponents and Rager came up with the idea of pushing the construct into an oncoming train. Mystic ran to help Scrub (Who had just taken a hit that took her to 1 toughness) and killed the enemy that had struck her in one shot. Rager managed to beat back the construct to the edge of the platform and over the edge as a train came in. It attempted to stand up in time to get destroyed by the train. Knight’s last opponent was the only one who managed to flee (He had 1 toughness left as he staggered out of sight range).

The transit watch called in the regular watch who questioned the PCs. Luckily the responding officer was the same one that they had run into multiple times so far. They questioned them for less than an hour and then escorted them back to their respective temples. Mystic arrived home to see that the mass mind meld was still holding but was told by the house guardian that they should be out of it and coherent by the morning. Rager arrived home to find nothing unusual had occurred but they still had no word on the initiates and trainers that were out in the field. Knight got back home and was told that the conclave had narrowed the possibilities down and may have an answer by afternoon or even by the morning.

Game ended a little early here because it was a good stopping point. As always the game went smoothly. I created the Ivory golem on the spot. It was pretty easy with the creature creation rules.
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Re: Session 26 Chapter Two

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One thing I've seen little feedback on are the optional rules designed to "balance" encounters. A tough thing in Eldritch, where there is a lot of chaotic "swing" in battle. Most find the odds are stacked in favor of the PCs, but like Games of Yore, the odds can turn quickly against the heroes. Predicable is not so much part of the ERP makeup. What's been your experience?
StormPatriarch wrote:Session 26- All players present.

As always the game went smoothly. I created the Ivory golem on the spot. It was pretty easy with the creature creation rules.

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