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Session 25 Chapter Two

Posted: Sun Nov 21, 2010 8:52 pm
by StormPatriarch
Session 25- All players present.

As requested, the PC names will appear before the log entry. The battle aftermath was the focus.

Knight- Hyfaidd
Mystic- Quinlan
Rager- Phalaanx
Scrub- Searlean (NPC)

Three squads of city watchman arrived and secured the scene. The ranking officer on scene turned out to be the watchman squad leader that was at Mystic’s Order house during the crazy night. The party was questioned about the attack. Mystic answered most of the questions and the watch gave them passes for the rest of the night on the peace knot law. The leader let them know that he believes this was a hit and not a guild action against someone in the party (or the entire party).

Knight was able to dip into his remaining resilience pool to come up with enough magic points to get his sword free and resolved to obtain and carry a backup short sword from now on. He also decided to start carrying his horse bow in the city.

The PCs then decided to check on their various temples and such starting with Mystic’s home. He arrived and found the gate locked but no magical defenses active. He then got a boost over the wall from the others (once again finding the magical defenses not set) and let them in. They enter the hall and find the entire order in a mass mind meld. He escorts the others to the guest rooms and bath. Mystic re-enters the meditation garden and waits to be recognized. After an hour or so, a member of his order from outside the walls contacts him. She had been recalled by the Grandmaster after the night of insanity to guard the house but was detained by a watchman squad on the way in. Mystic updates her on the specifics of what has been happening and then continues his job of tracking down the missing members.

The group then traveled to Rager’s temple. He reports to the night priest who informs him that the temple hasn’t made much progress finding out what is going on. He heads to the armory to get his armor repaired and to have a better set made up for Scrub.

They then headed over to Knight’s temple. The morning rituals are about to commence so Knight suggests to the priesthood (through his Order’s leader) that they go in groups to morning prayer preparations instead of en mass as usual. The priesthood agrees and the first batch stops responding about 15 minutes in. The next group casts Restores on the afflicted. The PCs bunk in the common visitors area (Except for Knight).

They all sleep for 6 hours to recovery pools and such. When they awake, Knight is given more information. The temple has been successful in contacting the Goddess as long as they don’t use certain rituals. This appears to be a common thread. The temple is hosting members from each of the temples that have had the disturbances (Each of the PC’s and two others have been effected so far), and this convocation has started to look for commonalities in their rituals that could point to a common denominator.

The PCs leave to check in with Knight’s local watch contact & to keep Rager’s appointment with the old man in the gang house. The watch has a few reports of his missing members being spotted heading South/ Southeast towards the Poor quarter but not any of them leaving the city limits. They then head off to Rager’s meeting. They arrive at the street and Mystic & Knight realize something is up. They both realize quite a few gang members are scattered up and down the street. Rager (he horrible failed the scrutiny check) picks up pebbles as he heads down the street. The others quickly clear the peace knots on their weapons and stand to the ready at his back. Rager starts lobbing the pebbles at the door of his contact but receives no response. After he runs out of pebbles, he goes and knocks on the door. He faintly hears the old mans voice explaining that he has the info but can’t give it to him right now because of the gang activity. He asks Rager to continue pounding on the door as if he hadn’t answered (Rager obliged) and sets up a meet at the merchant quarter tram station for midnight. The party then moves out back down the street. The gang members had drifted up to roughly encircles them while the Rager banged on the door. The gang members didn’t say anything or prevent the PCs from leaving but didn’t make way for them either. It all would have ended there if the Rager hadn’t then rolled a perfect. He managed to hear one of the gang members say “ That’s right keep walking”. He immediately stopped, turned around and got in the nearest gang member’s face stating quietly “What was that?” The gang member wasn’t the one who spoke but was stuck. Rager then said, “Run now or I kill you.” The guy was terrified. Rager then asked him to just point out the one who said it. Unfortunately the guy was too terrified to speak. Rager cut his head off at the jaw line and calmly explained to the others what would happen if they didn’t leave. The vast majority failed the moral roll and bolted while four flashed into insane rage and attacked. Rager & Mystic put them down in one round. They then left the area. Before leaving, Knight healed the two that didn’t out right die up to a point that they wouldn’t expire and then left with the others.

Session ended here. Good easy run as usual. No real hang-ups. One item we ended up discussing before the session began, was the effect of blinding light. It was good up until we considered what the effect of the blindness would be on the person so afflicted. We didn’t want to get into the discussion too long (can’t lose the game time you know) but I was wondering what people’s thoughts were on the topic.

Re: Session 25 Chapter Two

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:24 am
by Hyfaidd
Sidenote: I (Knight) had pulled "rank". I was not under the peace knot law, having claimed the noble right to bear arms. So I did not clear the knot at "battle" start. The Mystic had cleared the knot while the old man and Rager were talking too, I recall.

Re: Session 25 Chapter Two

Posted: Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:51 am
by StormPatriarch
Very true. I have added that to the logs I keep.

Re: Session 25 Chapter Two

Posted: Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:32 pm
by dancross
What did you want to know about "Blinding Light"?

Re: Session 25 Chapter Two

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:01 pm
by StormPatriarch
We were discussing how blind, blind is in game numbers terms. You can still fire an arrow in the general direction of the noise and you can still swing a sword, too. What number would you subtract from everyone's rolls to account for being blind?

Re: Session 25 Chapter Two

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:52 pm
by dancross
StormPatriarch wrote:We were discussing how blind, blind is in game numbers terms. You can still fire an arrow in the general direction of the noise and you can still swing a sword, too. What number would you subtract from everyone's rolls to account for being blind?'s in the updated PDF.

Dunbruha’s Rule on Hitting
Invisible Creatures:
Use the amount of the spell roll
as a penalty to the Scrutiny check
of the foe (Resilience does not
apply). The foe makes a Scrutiny
roll, and subtracts the amount of
the Invisibilty roll. If the result
is < 0, then the foe does not see
the target. If the result is low
(say, 1, 2, or 3), then the foe “sees
something out of the corner of
his eye”, but can’t quite make
out what is there (but could
shoot in that direction). If the
result is greater than 4, then the
foe can see the target. All of this
is for visual Scrutiny only--any
other cues such as odor, sound,
etc would be separate Scrutiny
checks (no penalty).

Evilcat’s Rules pertaining to
Invisible Creatures:
1. If a Scrutiny check fully or
almost fully relies on sight (Read
lips), it doesn’t work against
invisible creature.
2. If a Scrutiny check uses sight
and others senses and logic
(Movement), roll it as usual, but
apply spell roll penalty.
3. If the Scrutiny check doesn’t
use sight or doesn’t have to
(because the perception is based
on some other sense, including
sixth sense) - it works as usual, no
penalty applied.