Twelfth session experience....

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Twelfth session experience....

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Session Twelve: Still goin’ strong, all players present.

Well we had left the Rager w/ quite a decision to make. And he chose. He decided to beat the man down w/ the counter weight side of his ax (trying not to kill him, just put him to the ground). He smacked him twice and the stubborn fellow would not drop. The Mystic arrived at this time and w/ a reverse blade cut finally sent the man to his backside. He then held his blade to the archer’s throat while the Rager placed a muddy boot on his chest. They tie him up and bring him closer to the burning barn. The Rager takes a comfortable seat on top of the archer while the Knight and Mystic confine the flames to the barn.

The Rager starts the questioning of the archer, it turns out this guy was responsible for the barn contingent (the 2 other younger archers and the troll). He also explains that the man in charge (Morning star man) is trying to kill the Rager specifically because he believes the Rager and the druid are lovers. The archer does NOT know whom the Morning star man is because he never showed his face to him. The farm was taken about 3 weeks ago. This information and some other stuff is gotten out of him over the course of an hour and half while the other 2 PCs are keeping the flames from spreading. As the flames die down the Mystic and the Knight hear some sounds from the forest behind them followed immediately by 3 arrows shooting by them to smack into the captured archer. The archer is wounded again but is only knocked unconscious. The Rager, Mystic and Knight charge up to the woods and then slowly advance into its fringes. About a round in, the PCs hear a being running away from them into the forest. The Rager and the Mystic give chase while the Knight turns back to check on the prisoner.

The Knight makes it back into the open in time to see the captured archer is now a pincushion. He does manage to see the last arrow come from the direction of the winery building. He quickly moves to cover both exits as best he can while calling for his compatriots. He sees one individual leaving from the back entrance and fires into the man. He then moves further over so that he can see at the rear of the building more completely. He manages to kill the man who he struck but the other 2 get away into the woods.

Meanwhile, the Rager and the Mystic are chasing after the fleeing being. After 2 rounds, they close to within 30 yards and see that it is another black clad archer. He spots them and drops all pretense of stealth and books it. The two PCs hear the call of the Knight and the Rager turns immediately to help him. The Mystic tries to catch the runner in one last chase round but is unable too. He then turns and runs back the other way.

The other 2 PCs make it back quickly and they all decide to search the winery. They find only some wine stores in a cellar. The Rager wants to check the house again and this time they find a cellar door in the kitchen. The Rager bashes open the lock and the Mystic starts down the stairs. They find 3 females (ages 11 to 15) and male (age 13) tied and gagged. The Mystic quickly removes his mask and releases the boy while trying to calm them all down. The Knight then descends and heals the children as the Mystic releases them. At this point, the PCs realize it is to late to travel back to the town so they decide to fort up in the 2nd floor of the farmhouse. They push a bed across the stairwell and split up the watch for the night. The Knight sleeps in the room w/ the kids under the window, The Mystic across the doorway and the Rager at the top of the stairs. During the Rager’s shift, he hears the scrape of a footstep below. He yells for the others and gets set to repel any invaders. When the others are up and geared he steps to the bottom and looks both ways. Nothing greets his gaze so he retreats back up the steps. The Rager then yells down for the invaders to send up the canon fodder so he can kill them….

And we stopped for the night ‘cause time was up. I decided to try to follow the rules for RP assignment more closely and realized that I can see why it has been mentioned that the PCs should be higher lvl. After this scene and the troll scene, all 3 PCs lvl’d again by following it more closely. So now the party are 4th lvl for this scene coming up. They really need to get back to the city so they can pick up spells though. Otherwise it seems to be flowing very smoothly now.
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Re: Twelfth session experience....

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