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Ninth session experience....

Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 8:26 pm
by StormPatriarch
Session Nine...All players present.

So 2 PCs found out that the priest had visited the headman the night of his disappearance, but that he had returned to the temple shortly after that. The Mystic warrior went to the blacksmith and convinced him to work on his armor right away rather than in the morning (yes. bribery does work!).

That night the party stayed at the temple together and shortly after bedding down the one on watch heard the front gate to the town open. Seemed kinda late for a delivery so he checked it out. Turns out the wagoner that they had met back in session 2 were in town for his trash pickup. They remembered that he had lied about his delivery back then so the party decided to track him if he left. He left much later and they followed him out of town.

They met a carriage coming the other way escorted by 4 warriors of the same order as the paladin/knight. He stayed and spoke to the knight and priestess of his Goddess for a time. He found out here that the town priest's body had been found down river from here early that morning. The other 2 PCs continued to follow the wagon.

When dawn arrived he pulled over in a clearing and slept. Around midday, the paladin/ranger got fed up and jumped on the wagoner and started interrogating him. This caused some inner party tension since the paladin/knight follows a more protective Goddess and didn't take to the rough handling of the NPC (The paladin/knight was also trying to setup a good cop/bad cop scenario but the paladin/ranger PC was peeved and didn't realize what he was doing). The mystic warrior player was rolling well so he started to realize that the wagoner wasn't telling the whole truth even under duress. He pulled the paladin/knight aside and started to whisper to him about this. Scrutinize checks from all around gave the paladin/ranger simple surprise and the other 2 total surprise when an arrow from a long bow pierced the side of the wagon and smashed the head of the wagoner killing him. They quickly looked around and found footprints in the wood nearby that seemed to indicate a small human going barefoot was in the area recently. They decided to follow the river and try to find the spot the wagoner had told them about before he was killed. They didn't find a spot that matched his description but they did find a river dumping spot. They disproved more of the driver’s lies and decided to rest here and then return to town tomorrow.

When they awoke, the paladin/ranger found berries wrapped in a maple leaf under his pack. He brought everyone's attention to it and crushed one berry between his fingers to see if any signs of tampering were obvious. They seemed okay but he declined to try them. They started for town. They met the same carriage going back to the city and the rear guard stopped to update the paladin/knight on what decisions had been made. Seems the temple doesn't trust the headman much. The PCs move entirely to the inn. The paladin/knight and the mystic warrior share a room while the paladin/ranger has a private room.

Mystics from his order contact the mystic warrior in his meditative state. They inform him that the angry presence he was sent to appease or remove had faded away.

The paladin/knight dreamed of a snake crawling through the grass at his feet. Suddenly an arrow cuts across the middle of the snake's body slicing it in half. The front part then continues on its way.

The paladin/ranger starts to dream when he is abruptly awoken by sharp pain...

And that's end session (didn't have enough time left to do the next scene). Seems to be a cliffhanger doesn't it? Hope all are able to play next session. After awarding XP from last session, 2 PCs were 5 RPs from leveling while the 3rd was short by a VP and 30 RPs. With the session XP, the 2 are leveling for next session. The 3rd will not level yet but he is getting very close (he missed the battle in the temple from the previous week so didn't have the extra VPs to put him over the top). I am curious about what they will spend it on. Game is still going strong.

Re: Ninth session experience....

Posted: Mon Nov 10, 2008 4:50 pm
by dancross
Thanks for the summary! No questions, eh? Looks like the sessions are going smoothly. 8)

Re: Ninth session experience....

Posted: Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:27 pm
by StormPatriarch
Yep goes real smooth now... :D