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I'd like to hear what people have done with Eldritch?

I have Game Mastered one campaign in the Palladium world where I did a few hacks of the system to fit that setting (mostly having to do with Circles and Wards).

Very soon (about a month from now) I will game master a Dark Sun campaign using the Eldritch rules and for this I have made quite a big document on my take on how to use the Eldritch rules with a lot of added Advantages, how we manage 'standardized' combat maneuvers (charge, bull rush etc.) and a rewrite of the magic system (using cooldown instead of magic points) as well as how weapons are described from a rules viewpoint (using qualities which are added as you progress from Basic -> Specialty -> Mastery). Check this link ... 5thtY/edit and any comments are welcome. That is my general document but for the Dark Sun campaign I made a setting specific one for Dark Sun detailing my take on the races there as well as a few setting specific Advantages and also some other setting specific stuff such as Defiling/Preserving and a skeleton on how to view Advanced Creatures and so on. Found here: ... lnifY/edit.

In the future I would very much like to make a variation of Eldritch which covers modern or even sci-fi elements, perhaps Star Wars where Arcanum would be switched to Force with appropriate Specialties and Masteries for different aspects of the Force. Also the system with active defenses which are recovered quickly (perhaps the single most interesting and best aspect of the entire system if you ask me) works very well for high action oriented games!

So what have you done with Eldritch?! :)

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Re: Variations

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I've seen your updates, as you know, and they look great. Thanks for sharing!

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