Session 40 Chapter Two

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Session 40 Chapter Two

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Session 40- All players present.

As requested, the PC names will appear before the log entry.

Knight- Hyfaidd
Mystic- Quinlan
Rager- Phalaanx
Simon- Simon
Scrub- Searlean (NPC)

We had a surprise guest for the final session of chapter 2. The PC Simon was played by none other than Dan Cross. We were very glad to have him in on this session. Simon is a Human magic user of more than one source. I left his name as Simon because it is fast enough to type. On to the story.

Rager charged down the stairs to try to draw foes out. He made it to the bottom to see that the front door was closed, the side door was also shut and the door to the back was partially open and moving slightly. He called down the others and “opened” the side door. Inside he found a sitting room with a door on the far side. He then proceeded to “open” it. This one took a few hits (It was magically reinforced). Inside he found a desk with an open ledger on top and a prison cell containing one unconscious prisoner. He turned around, headed back out to the main room and closed on the open door.

Mystic headed down the stairs and went to the open door. He heard the faint sounds of chanting and backed away to set himself for combat. Knight followed suit. Scrub headed after Rager as he cleared the other rooms. When he left the far room, she headed into it to check out the desk. When she got inside, the man in the room started to speak to her in a language she didn’t understand. Simon tried to read her mind but was unable to penetrate her resilience (He barely missed). He then tried to talk to her but realized that they had a language barrier. Scrub started going through the desk and piling the items on the top. Simon thought she was trying to take the items of which some of it was his. He started to charge up a stun spell when Mystic came through the door and told her that Rager needed her in the other room (He sensed the mind read attempt since it was the same power source as his and came to investigate). Once she left he spoke to Simon and they exchanged some info. Mystic started to free Simon while calling for Knight. Knight arrived and healed Simon.

Meanwhile, Rager destroyed the magic and door to the back area. He then checked the three doors in the hall beyond. He found and a kitchen empty of people, a dining room empty of people and a guest room having a female occupant. He asked her if she was here voluntarily. She raised her leg to show that she was chained to the furniture. He left her there and moved to the stairwell at the end when he realized that he had no companions. He did see Scrub at the far end. He asked her what was going on and she explained the others were in the cell room. He started cursing and went back to the cell room. Here he found the others had freed Simon. He asked if they could get going since the target might be getting away. They all agreed and headed back out. Rager and Mystic passed the guest room but Knight turned into it when he saw the girl. He quickly freed her and asked if she would be alright. She said she would be okay and he headed back out.

Rager charged down the steps and demolished the door he came to. He found to plate mail wearing individuals waiting for him. The one human was foolishly wielding a halberd while the dwarf was wielding a mace. Rager unleashed on the human while Mystic took on the dwarf. Knight and Scrub used bows on both. Simon cast stone skin on himself and then walked right into the enemies. They both were shocked at that. The group quickly closed and finished them off at that point.

Rager asked Simon if he could open the double doors at the end in an impressive fashion. Simon said he could definitely offer something in that arena. He psycogenically ripped the doors off, shoved them into the room and then exploded them in a blazing cataclysm. This surprised most of the higher ups and decimated the fodder troops. Surprise round commenced. By the end of it, Simon had Mortant (the headman from Chapter 1) writhing on the ground in psychic pain, Rager & Mystic had chased the Halfling in plate behind the Demon (Mystic charged up the sword with magical aid), Knight feathered the Halfling, and Scrub shot at the demon. Knight finished off Mortant (and took his head away from his body). Mystic finished off the Halfling. Rager beat on the demon. Simon also started in on the demon. Scrub added her fire power to the demon but quickly switched to her melee weapon for more damage potential. After a round or two, Simon had to withdraw from combat because he was running out of spell points. He teleported out but collapsed at arrival. The others continued to whittle down that Demon. Simon was brought back to conscience by the girl from upstairs. She then gave him a potion and left the area at a high rate of speed. Simon re-entered the fight. He destroyed the floor at the demons feet which caused the demon to trip (The demon failed the agility roll). Rager managed to get out of the way before the demon collapsed on him. The party then opened up all they had to keep him down. They were able to finish him off pretty quickly.

Game ended here because it was in way overtime. It was very cool to have Dan there for the final session of the chapter. It was a lot of fun and I hope that they all had a good time too. I also hope that we will continue the saga another time since I still have more for the party to “look” into. Thanks to all for reading and see you all next time around.
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