Session 38 Chapter Two

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Session 38 Chapter Two

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Session 38- All players present.

As requested, the PC names will appear before the log entry.

Knight- Hyfaidd
Mystic- Quinlan
Rager- Phalaanx
Scrub- Searlean (NPC)

PCs were shuffled off the scene while the higher ups dealt with the city officials about the fighting. After a couple of days, the PCs were each informed by their separate superiors that the temples worked out a deal w/the city. In return for downplaying the violations of city law, the three temples will have to provide money, resources and fighting men for the army forming to confront the army in the north. Officially, it will be stated that the temples were working on special dispensation to expose the false temple. The three PCs were given two options; they could join the army or cover the temples while others join the army. They asked for time to think about it and were told that the answer was required by that evening. The PCs then setup a meet between themselves at a bar.

Rager arrived first with Scrub. They took seats with their backs against the wall and started to drink. Mystic arrived second. He noticed that Scrub was looking at a guy at the bar. The guy was returning her gaze. Knight arrived last. On his way in, he spotted four men in cloaks that were hanging out across the street. He also noticed that they had gang outfits on underneath the cloaks. He then moved on into the bar. After he sat down, he mentioned the men across the street. Mystic was ready to head on over right away but Rager was curious about the guy at the bar and Knight pointed out that someone in here could be working for them. They all scrutinized the crowd but didn’t really notice anything other than the guy at the bar. The server came over to deliver a drink from the guy to Scrub. She returned the favor. They all decided to head out to check on the men outside. Knight headed out the door while Knight and Rager watched Scrub talk to the guy briefly. Knight walked across the street towards the one man left who was standing in an open door. Once the man spotted Knight, he stepped back further into the room and started to close the door. Knight charged and shouldered the door open. Rager & Mystic followed close behind. Knight hit another man with the door when he shouldered it open. The first man claimed to be a merchant that had just bought this property and that they were wearing these shirts because he found them in a trash pile and figured they would serve for cleaning up the new property. He sounded very convincing but Knight was paying attention to the man behind the door. He was carrying a weapon that was not peace knotted. Rager decided to us magic to strike fear in the man. After the second dose of fear, he quickly started to crack. The man behind the door took that opportunity to draw a weapon and try to stab Knight. Knight quickly drew his dagger and put the man down. Two archers opened up from the far side of the building on Rager. Mystic told him to continue the questioning because he would handle it. He drew his still sheathed blade and went to work. He knocked unconscious one foe and killed the second. The man agreed to lead them to his leader if they would kill the others in the room. Rager quickly cast cantrip on the three bodies in the form of purple steaks of light that struck them. He then told the man that they were dead and to lead on. The man failed his scrutiny roll on the bodies and agreed.

About 30 yards down the street, an arrow pierced the turncoat’s body. Rager quickly cast heal on the turncoat and then stood over him. They all scoped the area but were unable to detect were the second arrow came from. At the third, Mystic was able to spot the direction and general level of the shot. They then all were able to see a distortion in the air on the roof. Mystic fired a bolt of pyrokinetic energy into the distortion which quickly retreated. Rager questioned the gang member about the shooter but he said he didn’t know anyone on the gang that used a long bow with poison arrows. They all got back together and headed on down the street. Coming up the street was two squads of city watch. The party moved to the right side of the street to avoid them but unfortunately the man leading the right side squad was one that was very familiar to them. He stopped them while sending the other squad on to the scene. He started to question them about the disturbance. During the discussion, the leader spotted an arrow bearing down on Rager. He quickly pushed him out of the way. Rager held on to the gang member, pulling him into the path of the arrow. This arrow killed the man once the poison on it hit but on the up note, it saved the squad leader that had become somewhat friendly with the PCs.

We ended here. We had a late start and spent the first part leveling characters and updating my copies of the characters.
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