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Dungeoneer the RPG is fast paced and easy to learn, and yet is packed with depth and tactical game play. You can set up your game session in moments and enjoy playing for hours.

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some questions

Post by dimitkan » Sat Feb 07, 2009 7:51 am

The three books have beautiful covers. They are very inspiring to me to create scenarios.

Is the interior of the books black and white?

Is there the option for the PCs to move as a team or do they have to take separate turns like the card game?

The Dungeonlord in the card game can form a pack with three monsters. Is this the same for the RPG?

Can the PCs attack together the same monster helping each other? (There isn't this option in the card game).

Are there combat turns until there is a winner or the monster goes to the pack, like the card game?

Are there rules for intelligence, charisma, personality, mind, persuading, searching, climbing tests like every RPG?

I think the landscape orientation was better than the last one posted on the blog. As you say, it maximized the play area for where the cards go. But the last one was good, too. I noticed that the PCs collect only 10 Glory and Peril. Is it true? In our games, when we play with the campaign optional rules, the PCs collect only 10 Peril and GLory, so, I really like that change.

Is there a chance to see the game on the shelves next Christmas or there aren't any plans for releasing it yet?

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