Dungeon League

In XCC, you're a superstar athlete taking your chances in a live-on-pay-per-view death sport. It’s a modern-day world with a fantasy twist, and the game is simple: the Dungeon Judge, or DJ, creates an artificial dungeon under controlled — but lethal — conditions. Can you survive?

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Dungeon League

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Hi, my friend heard some rumors of organized play for Xcrawl, any word on that?
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Re: Dungeon League

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Hey Again!

Organized play is still something under discussion. The game certainly lends itself to the format, but we would have to have a certain level of interest in order to make it feasible.

But I would love to be the high commissioner of the World Xcrawl League! If for no other reason than so Goodman would be forced to buy me a whistle and a spiffy hat to go with my office.

If we ever do get organized play rolling we'll post it up here and on the Facebook, the G+, the twitter . . . you won't be able to escape the news!

Thanks man!

be well,

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