4th of July and DCC#31

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4th of July and DCC#31

Post by CharlieRock » Sun Jul 05, 2009 7:26 am

For the Fourth we decided to have some friends over and play C&C. After rolling up the characters and joking around for a couple hours we got down to some serious dungeon crawling.
The players expected to meet in a stereotypical fashion; either in the bazaar or a tavern. When both turned out to be 'Sold Out' of everything, even ale:
"The marketplace is out of everything? That sucks. Let's go to a tavern."
"Okay, the tavern keeper hands you all empty cups. You notice the place is crowded but no-one seems to be drinking."
"Um, barkeep? Can I have some ale here?"
"We're out. Sorry."
"Your out?! What am I supposed to do with this cup?"
"Catch some rainwater."
After throwing a fit at the bar the locals at the tavern elected by show of hands one of the players as 'Chief of Supplies'. When he tried to get out of the job (after being handed a stack of request forms) they protested and called him the Enemy of Democracy and the Oppressor of Freedom.
Reluctantly taking the job the group decides to investigate what happened to the old 'Chief of Supplies'. They searched his house and found many receipts for supplies that never arrived to town and a map showing the route caravans used.
The players decided to investigate the route next and try to lure whatever was taking the supplies out by taking the towns last wagon and loading it up with empty barrels and sacks stuffed with request forms.
While camped for the night they were attacked by a band of kobolds but put up too much of a fight so the kobolds ran away. The party had taken a prisoner who led them to area 1-1. They then killed him for backtalking them and poured his blood into the statues mouth (the Paladin recognised the iconography of the Soleth ritual and the Cleric deduced the clues).
As you may know that opened the rest of the dungeon up to the "nasty bad big-bigs" who went looking for the towns' missing supplies.
Most of the players were old school gamers. One hadn't played with me since we had our BECMI D&D campaign as teens (over twenty years ago). He loved it though and really liked the twist on the kobolds the module presents. He was the party Cleric and though he had some dice trouble managed to save the party Knight at the end when they fought the mutant kobold chief Tezax (the Knight got dropped in the first round causing a scramble).
We even had a brand new gamer join us. My friends ten year-old son played a dwarf Assassin who wielded a halbred. He liked playing the game and will be joining us until school begins on saturday-gameday from here on.
My wife played an Illusionist but went outside with the other wives when the fireworks started so I ended up finishing the game using her as an NPC. We were about 80% done and she was out of spells anyway. So all I had her doing was standing back and shooting a crossbow (and missing every time, LoL).
Roll for initiative!!!

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