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[Evil laugh]

Post by Jezza »

In my Sunday night campaign, the group have been playing through DCC 14, Dungeon Interludes. They kind of stopped once they got to the Defiled Sanctuary, though. They had cleared out the shrine, all except for Dread Watcher and his statues. They had a skirmish against him and ended up running away, though they did get the lens of detection that he's supposed to be safeguarding.
Since then they've been based in Blessings Be, having some other adventures. I've run them through some of the scenarios from DCC 48: Ghosts of the Mastodon Clan, Dale of the Dead and Snare of the Shadow Sylphs. We have just started the Crawling Tower and they are about to cross the engine room. They now ranging in level from 3 - 6, but with will be 4 - 7 after they rest.
I've been trying to subtly hint to the players that they needed to do something about the pseudolich but they've just been ignoring that. It doesn't seem very heroic to just leave a dangerous enemy sitting in his cave an hour outside of town, but they don't seem to care. Possibly some of them are thinking in MMORPG mode, and don't realize that actions have consequences.
Well today I had an idea on how to make them care. As they've ignored Dread Watcher for over a week in game time, I decided that he's been using that time to create a band of skeletons (including the Owlbear) that he is going to use to sack the town.
The players had remarked on how unlikely it seemed that the same town would have trouble with an infestation of undead and some monsters from a mobile tower in such a short space of time.
And then it came to me... it's not an unlikely random occurrence, it's part of a plan.
The chain devil in the tower is a minion of Albrecht Skullshank, sent to help Dread Watcher. The vargouilles' attack on the town was a diversionary strike, supposed to draw the heroes into the tower so that they could be removed and dealt with.
Depending on how long it takes them to get the tower back to Blessings Be, they may well find that the town has been overrun by undead...
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Re: [Evil laugh]

Post by Arawn76 »

Slay a few NPC's they've become attached to and they'll never feel the same about enemies escaping again. Beware however this can result in a party that goes hell for leather against their opponents regardless of consequences :twisted:

Good times :lol:
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Re: [Evil laugh]

Post by DJ LaBoss »

hehh Sounds fun.

I used the Crawling Tower last year as a part of my ongoing campaign. I like what you've done with the place . . .

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