Road Crew 2021 Poster: Okay, here's my best guess.

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Road Crew 2021 Poster: Okay, here's my best guess.

Post by serendipitous »

Since absolutely no one has taken a stab at "why". Here's my best guess:

The artist finds attractive female bodies arousing & orienting. So we have three female bodies who are basically 2-dimensional blow-up dolls: grabbable T&A, mouths obligingly frozen wide-open.

Goodman Games does not have a culture of treating DCC females like people. I mean, if they even conceptually imagined females as people in the DCC world then the core rulebook would acknowledge that the main risk to the DCC economy is not players flooding the markets with gold, it is the imminent population crash. Because, like, serious shortage of women.

So up goes this poster, because nobody stopped it. Judges are happily accepting the cover on their swag, and passing it on to players. And the stores will display it. Because folks just don't care enough to call Goodman Games on this, and insist that GG hold to their own best values of producing great games with great art.

The one thing that confuses me is the weird flappy bits on the bikini bottoms. ??? I've only spent a little time in wargame field exercises, but I KNOW that one of the first things I'd do is cut those flaps off. Are they meant to be enticing? Is it working?

And so help me God: if I see something like this with people of color on it, I will go full social media to the best of my personal ability. Because when people of color's bodies are taken as property, they aren't just raped & beaten, they get prison sentences.
"Who tells the story affects stories that you tell. Those questions of representation and power are being explored here, right now. "
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Re: Road Crew 2021 Poster: Okay, here's my best guess.

Post by GnomeBoy »

The creators and movers and shakers rarely visit the fan forums anymore... So if you're looking for a reply from them, it's unlikely unless they happen to wander in and see the post.

Since they're here rarely, when they do visit there must be a LOT of unread posts, so they may just stick to whatever had them visiting at that moment. So again, it's unlikely.

The best option would be to message this directly to the info@ address to get in front of the folks that matter on this.
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