Empire of the East books

DCC Empire of the East is a setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game that offers a portal to the singular world of the novels The Broken Lands, The Black Mountains, and Changeling Earth by Fred Saberhagen, and officially licensed by his estate.

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Empire of the East books

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I just watched the What's New seminar at Cyclops-Con. A lot of good stuff. Bad for my wallet though. Although I have never read the Empire of East novels and so I am wondering if it is all possible to actually publish the Fred Saberhagen novels in an omnibus edition. It would be a nice add on for the Kickstarter.
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Re: Empire of the East books

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@BrainSandwhich, you can easily purchase the trilogy (with the title "Empire of the East") brand new in a nice easy to read paperback from Tor books (2010 I believe). To my understanding, a few minor things were edited from the original 3 books but it won't be anything to prevent you from enjoying them.

Amazon link to Empire of the East


You can also treasure hunt the original trilogy from 1979:

And finally, you can find each original book separately:

- The Broken Lands (1968)
- The Black Mountains (1971)
- Changeling Earth (1973), also titled Ardneh's World

Personnaly, I have in my collection:

- The Changeling Earth : because the cover is just too awesome!
- The Empire of the East (2010) : I will use this copy to highlight, write notes and use to prepare adventures.
- The Empire of the East (1979) : I found it in a bookstore. Had to get it as a collector item. :lol:

Good luck in your search!
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