Dying Earth

DCC Dying Earth is both a sourcebook and a setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game that offers a portal to the singular world of The Dying Earth novels by Jack Vance. Officially licensed by his estate, the Kickstarter will launch later in 2020 and the product will release in 2021...!

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Re: Dying Earth

Post by harunmushod »

Took me so long to go through your registration process, I was hoping that that would be enough time for Goodman Games to have finalised arrangements for The Dying Earth kickstarter.
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Re: Dying Earth

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There have been issues with the forum reg process -- might be all worked out now (at least it seems to be working smoothly so far).
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Re: Dying Earth

Post by joemoustache »

Issues here too -- finally got logged in again. Can't wait to hear news of the Kickstarter.
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Re: Dying Earth

Post by catseye yellow »

would not expect anything before spawn con. i just hope once it KS we will get alpha pdf pretty quickly in order to start playing.
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