Going to give DCC a try soon

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Going to give DCC a try soon

Post by Leprechaun »

Hi all,

Greetings from Belgium.

I got into the hobby in the early 2000's (in my thirties now) and cut my teeth as a player and DM on DnD 3.5/Pathfinder. Over the years I have been gradually altering / adapting the core experience into a mashup of different things: spheres of power/might, generic classes, backgrounds instead of skills, ... and after finishing up the third book of Kingmaker I decided to make the jump with my group and go for one of the OSR systems.

After reading up a lot on blogs, reddits and actual modules I had to decide between Lamentations of the Flame Princes, ACKS or DCC. In the end I went for DCC as concepts like luck, attribute burning, mighty deeds, the funnel and magic as a dangerous and unpredictable thing appealed to me. The amount of modules seemed like a big plus as well as all the adulting I have to do nowadays leaves me rather constraint for time!

Somewhere this month I'll be DM-ing Sailors of the Starless Sea for my core group of players as a funnel, as is tradition. We are interested in a long term campaign: such a campaign would have to be more "episodic" with the same characters in a new place each time, sort of like old Star Trek episodes I guess if that makes sense.

I have some questions about the modules though:

-According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_D ... cs_modules, it seems the modules meant for DCC start with number 66,5, and go to 99. Does this mean that there will be no more modules specifically for the DCC system?

-The ones before 66,5 are meant for 3rd and 4th edition, while some later ones were created for different rulesets (AD&D, C&C). How difficult would these be to convert in general? Any in particular that stand out? Any non DCC modules that are recommended from before DnD 3.5 that are easily convertible?

-I wonder how other people link together DCC modules, or does everyone play one offs? I assume some can be linked together as some mini campaign? Can anybody suggest me a good series of modules that link logically? e.g. 1 sailors - Doom of the Savage Kings - Tower of the Black Pearl - ...; since the characters end Sailors on a viking boat, Doom has a distinct dark ages vibe and Tower pretty much requires a boat.

I guess in general my question boils down to how people design their episodic campaigns. Sorry for the many questions and long intro! :D
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Re: Going to give DCC a try soon

Post by GnomeBoy »

#100 will be a Big Deal. It's going to be Kickstarted later this year. After that the general assumption is that there will be more modules flowing. That said, there are a large number of adventures for DCC, if you count things that are outside of the usual numbering and factor in that some of the modules with the usual numbering actually have two adventures under one cover. I think at one point I counted about 80 adventures that were published by Goodman Games, circa 2019, and if you fold in the third party publishers there are even more. You aren't going to run out of options any time soon!

Anything 3rd Edition-ish would be fairly easy to convert or even run on the fly, if you're familiar with both systems. So, again, plenty of options. The general rule of thumb that fans have settled on is that if a D&D adventure is for X level, you divide that by two to get the DCC Level.

People do link adventures together to form campaigns, certainly. Many also play one-offs, instead or also. I currently am organizing a campaign with Moon-Slaves of the Cannibal Kingdom as the core, which suggests about a dozen other adventures which can be linked around it. I'm kicking it off with Creep, Skrag, Creep for the funnel, and moving into Frozen in Time and Advent of the Avalanche Lords, before going into the suggestions in Moon-Slaves... so far, it's about 8 adventures strung together, and I need about 1 more each for levels 3 and up, to arrive at some sort of ending with characters at Level 5. But if they're there, I might have to add in Colossus, Arise! which is for Level 6...
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Re: Going to give DCC a try soon

Post by dkabq »

FWIW, I have used a number of GG 3E modules for my DCC game. Re-statting for DCC is straight-forward.
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Re: Going to give DCC a try soon

Post by Jim Skach »

So....start saving your money and squirreling away all you can. Because once #100 hits, the logjam will be diminished and all hell will break loose.
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