This is the place to find out all of the games the Road Crew will be running, as well as where the folks from Goodman Games will be appearing! 

Weird Frontiers: The Jotun’s Grave


Reaver Con - Weird Frontiers RPG. Following a map won from a drunken gunslinger in a poker game to find a legendary hoard of gold and silver buried long ago […]

ReaverCon – No Small Crimes in Lankhmar


Local Gongfarmers #333 presents, DCC: Lankhmar - No Small Crimes in Lankhmar, run on Roll20 using Discord for voice! "When the adventurers explore an abandoned house on a forgotten street […]

DCC at GVHS – The Old School Dungeoneers Guild Online

Grain Valley High School 551 SW Eagles Parkway, Grain Valley

DCC at GVHS – The Old School Dungeoneers Guild Online 3:00-5:00 PM The Old School Dungeoneers Guild is live once again at Grain Valley High! Join us for adventure and […]

Down Night-Haunted Halls


Stonehell Dungeon, a former prison extending underground and out of memory. Your band of peasants-turned-adventurers has heard rumors: fortunes to be plucked from the deep, magic wonders waiting in the […]

The Queen of Elfland’s Son (Legacy)

Google Meet

This is a Reaver Con I game that will support legacy characters. We'll play over Google meet (free) for video chat and audio. Description is in the link provided.

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