This is the place to find out all of the games the Road Crew will be running, as well as where the folks from Goodman Games will be appearing! 

One of a Thousand Thousand Islands


Session 20 This will be a one on one session using the "A Thousand Thousand Islands" setting and Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. A series of serialized one-shot adventures with recurring characters in this setting and beyond

Down Night-Haunted Halls


Stonehell Dungeon, a former prison extending underground and out of memory. Your band of peasants-turned-adventurers has heard rumors: fortunes to be plucked from the deep, magic wonders waiting in the dark. All of it, there for someone brave enough to dare Stonehell. We will be exploring a classic megadungeon setting, using the Dungeon Crawl Classics […]

Escape from the Center of Aereth!


PCs were trapped underneath the earth and had to travel through a mysterious door at the base of the Serpent King's Ziggurat. It lead deep beneath the surface of Aereth and the PCs now seek to escape. The PCs have finally found a route of escape, the elephantine slavers of the sub-world are gathering on […]

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