This is the place to find out all of the games the Road Crew will be running, as well as where the folks from Goodman Games will be appearing! 


Spawn of Cyclops Con

Spawn of Cyclops Con will be happening February 26-28, 2021. Save those dates! We’ve got a great weekend we’re planning, and we want you to be a part of it! […]

Portal Under The Stars


Spawn of Cyclops Event: The classic Portal Under The Stars. If you haven't played DCC this is an excellent opportunity to explore some of the weirdness without having to learn […]



A Weird Frontiers RPG 0-level Funnel - Spawn of Cyclops Con (Time in EST) Times are TOUGH after the Seven Days of Night in 1865 - horrors abound around every […]

DCC – Acting Up In Lankhmar (Pt 3)

DragonFly Games 5633 Broad St., Sumter

Tentatively scheduled to happen at DragonFly Games in Sumter, SC 5833 Broad St. Sumter, SC 29153 A level 2 adventure set in Lankhmar! A corrupt Duke of Lankhmar’s foibles paraded […]

SoCC – A Conspiracy of Ravens


You wake in the middle of the night to the ringing of the town church bells. With sleep clouding your vision, you reach over to feel the comfort of your […]

SoCC – The Misguided Menace of Georgetwon


Georgetown was a lovely place full of red, white, & blue cabins and a quiet, productive people, but everything changed when Big George Lincoln, a 50' tall eagle, attacked. He […]

SoCC – Portal Under the Stars

Fantasy Grounds

Part of David Schnoll’s Road Crew Once every 50 years a Portal opens in the old stone mounds. Where does it lead? To fame and glory? To riches? Or to […]

Boon of the Star Brethren


Spawn of Cyclops Con Locals seem quite eager for your party to explore the abandoned wizard's tower on the edge of town- what sinister secret does this place hold? This […]

Vault of the Drow


(DCC 7th level) Return to the classic AD&D adventure re-imagined for DCC. Drow and worse! Return to the Shrine of the Koa Toa! Those who have adventured in the preceding […]

Persecution Complex


In a futuristic totalitarian society, regular citizens are conscripted to hunt mutants and dissidents in a trial-by-combat ritual known as Jury Duty. For fans of Paranoia and Judge Dredd.

The Demon Key


Spawn of Cyclops Con, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Empire of the East 0-level funnel. As your village is overrun by a marauding army of the East, you are tasked with saving […]

The Imperishable sorceress


DCC level 2. Pre-gens provided. Passing through an ordinary doorway, you find yourself in a bleak winter landscape. What will you find atop the great cleft mountain, and who has […]

Chicago Dungeon Crawls 46: Fight! Fight! Fight!


Welcome to the Forty-Sixth installment of Chicago Dungeon Crawls! Due to the plague all taverns and inns are closed in Chicago until further notice. But fear not, Chicago Dungeon Crawls […]

SoCC – The Brimstone Cradle


A level 2 Dark Trails playtest! The adventure has the characters traveling on Christmas Eve and finding themselves trapped in a cabin. A powerful demon wants a newborn baby and […]

SoCC – No Small Crimes in Lankhmar


Local Gongfarmers 333 Presents: No Small Crimes In Lankhmar, a DCC Lankhmar game on Roll20 using Discord for voice! "There is an old Thieves' Guild proverb: "There are no small […]

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