This is the place to find out all of the games the Road Crew will be running, as well as where the folks from Goodman Games will be appearing! 

BoCC-The Omnivary of EDEN


Event for Bride of Cyclops Con: After 18 months of digging, your tribe has finally uncovered the long-buried entrance to The Garden of the Gods. Foretold by an ancient prophet, […]

BoCCC DCC – The Tower Out of Time


A bearded star has recently been sighted in the night sky. Seen by the locals as an ill omen, the sudden appearance of a lake and odd squatting tower in […]

Xcrawl: Louisiana Rising charity event @ BoCC


In August 2016 a huge rainstorm brought massive flooding to the Duchy. Xcrawl athletes and fans wanted to help so Duke Edward Bell of Baton Rouge authorized a charity Xcrawl […]

Harbringer of Ill Omen


As morning breaks, a celestial hazy streak can be seen across the multi-hued sky descending toward the ground in the distance from your village. With a Flash and Boom--followed by […]

Arylin’s Fish


Bride of Cyclops CON --Event in English -- The Rejuvenation Festival is here and your party has been hired to protect the major during the auction of Arylin’s fish. Asides […]

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