This is the place to find out all of the games the Road Crew will be running, as well as where the folks from Goodman Games will be appearing! 

BoCC – Descent into the Underhive

Fantasy Grounds

David Schnoll’s Road Crew Part of Bride of Cyclops Con 1st level adventure from Gongfarmer's Almanac 2020 Platform: Fantasy Grounds Voice chat: Discord Further info on website

DCC Attack of the Frawgs

Google Meet

This is an online event using Google Meets. No experience needed for this 0-level funnel. You are relaxing of an evening at the Brave Trapper Inn. The door bursts open. […]

Dino Wranglers!


Join Judge Ian as a part of Bride of Cyclops Con! You have been selected to build a colony in a remote area of the planet Cretasus, on a planet […]

BoCC-The Omnivary of EDEN


Event for Bride of Cyclops Con: After 18 months of digging, your tribe has finally uncovered the long-buried entrance to The Garden of the Gods. Foretold by an ancient prophet, […]

Mutant Crawl Classics – A level Zero Adventure!


New players welcome to any session! Pre-generate characters will be provided! This is the first in a series of sessions each one advancing one level. Session are every other Saturday […]

True Vigilante: Ninja Beat’em Up


True Vigilante (DCC) at the Bride of Cyclops Con! You're no hero. You're a vigilante: a crimefighter, a dark avenger, a gadgeteer, a martial artist, a protege, a true vigilante. […]

DCC Das ganz große Ding


This is the german version of DCC module "The Heist". Über den legendären Reichtum von Fürst Oraso wird in Lankhmar hinter vorgehaltener Hand viel und oft geflüstert. Heute Abend gibt […]

DCC Intro.

Facebook Messenger

Our session will played via FB Messenger. Follow the link to MJGS Facebook page, DM them and request permission to join the group on Messenger. Introductory sessions: four players have […]

DCC Table Gießen

Clubcenter Marburger Marburger Str. 76, Straße

"Giessen TTRPG Club“ meets every Wednesday & Saturday @ 6pm in the Clubcenter Marburger Straße, 35396 Giessen. We host a DungeonCrawlClassics table - come join the hyborean journey! For more […]

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