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The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, DCC 3rd

November 30 @ 12:00 pm

The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief (A Dungeon Crawl Classics adaptation of the classic AD&D adventure – 3rd Level pregens will be available) No experience needed Rules will be both taught and ignored.

Join us for this brief interlude in the ongoing saga for a foray into the oldest of AD&D lore – The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief. Here we will find a land were giants have been raiding the local land laying both villages, walled cities and even fortified castles low. Death and destruction have been laid heavily upon every place these monsters have visited. With both the city watch and the baron’s army reeling and scattered by the giants only a party of the brave and resourceful adventurers stand between the might of the Hill Giant’s host and the peace loving people of Restenford.

We don’t wait until level ten to have epic fun, we are not afraid of the the TPK and we certainly don’t let rules as written stand in the way of a good time. We adventure like it is 1974, with a fast loose play style and emphasis on fun and adventure.
Bring a pencil, dice (If you have them) an an active imagination!


Bell Book and Comic
458 Patterson Rd.
Dayton, OH 45419 United States

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