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The Pinball Wizard Campaign (A treasure trove of DCC weirdness)

January 2 @ 12:00 pm EST

Roll 20 (Online game)

This is an Ongoing DCC campaign. That said this game is built around the corps values of our In person games. That is a premium on a friendly table, people can come and go as their real life obligations demand & New comers are always welcome. We usually run about every other week from noon to four eastern time (USA).

Dayton Dungeon Crawl Classics Meetup

Dayton, OH
325 Dayton Crawlers

Abandon all presumptions, here you’re no hero. You’re an adventurer: a reaver, a cutpurse, a heathen-slayer, a tight-lipped warlock guarding long-dead secrets. You seek gold a…

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Still not in Kansas Anymore! A DCC thing. Not sure what to c…

Saturday, Jan 2, 2021, 12:00 PM
3 Attending

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The most recent synopsis
“Wow….. so in the last session our travelers fell (literally fell) into a new dimension/plane/part of the Sud. They dried themselves off and almost stumbled into a duel- but avoided it and managed to wrestle directions to a nearby castle. Today opened with the group approaching a small farm and befriending the locals only to have their little tête-à-tête interrupted by a wayward Sphinx, her fox friend, and a pair of hippopotamus guards. The group sauntered into town extorting those goods they didn’t toss on the ground.
Recognizing themselves outmatched the party did what any band of heroes would do – they turned tail and hid in the bushes as the extortionistic Sphinx took whatever she wanted. Done the Sphinx turned her attention to the bushes and played some hide and seek until finally the party hatched a cunning plan. They would take on the tile of mummers – try and entertain their way out of the pickle they found themselves in.
Went as well as their attempts to hide in the bushes.
About the time the Sphinx pined punk rock wizard on the ground and was wondering whether to turn him in for a bounty or just eat him – the band sprung into action. A long battle later that involved a charmed dwarf, a self immolating wizard and a failed sleep spell the party was victorious!
Yea ! The grateful farmers tended the parties wounds and gave them more rough directions to castle Catchicam.
So the group plodded on. When the approached a joust of honor was being held – they would learn that the some point of honor was broke between Sir Blearz (a barons first son) and Sir Tiaz a minor un landed knight. Both rode ostrich sized reptiles and both were cats! May haps they had found the ‘City of Cats’
The joust went the full five passes with Tiaz unhorsing Blearz but the baron ruled the bout should continue with ‘paws on the turf’ so weapons were chosen and the melee continued only to have Blearz disarmed and on the ground – when the Baron called a halt and declared honor done and the fight over.
The lesson on the social structure and civics of Catchicam the party moved in and past the gate where they were immediately spotted as outsiders. However using the crowd as cover they group avoided the guards for the time. They were, however spotted by Celest. A south Philly food truck owner who found the velocir-Turkey absolutely ‘Adorbs’ – she quickly recognized the group as new to Catchicam and helped them to hide in the back room of an inn.
Soon they were exchanging information about the city for news of the larger Sud and clues as to how to find their way home.
The party asked after the bell and striker – celest having not heard of this suggested they visit Godfrey who lives about three miles outside the city walls. But she had to get back to work – but would take them there and offer introduction in the early morning.
– so the party settled in for the night and I got a chance to roll on the carousing tables! Yea!
Some ended up hungover (-1d) and one (our former ‘street chemist’ met up with the leader of his old gang (now much older, frail and very afraid – as ‘they eat people like us here!’)
They morning broke and the party found its way to Godfrey’s with the help of Celest only to find it a ramshackle now being occupied by an inebriated troll…..”



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