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Temple of Shennog

September 24 @ 7:00 pm

Temple of Shennog
by Stephen J. Grodzicki.

For several years you have traveled and adventured to make a name for yourself, but on your triumphant return home it was not celebration but sadness for you.

Your young sister Tessa has fallen mad and worsens by the day.

How may days of drinking and woe follow before in your drunken state you tear open your adventurer’s sack to see
an ancient map said to leads to the temple of Shennog.

Agape, you stare at the parchment, remembering the legend of the Goddess Shennog and how she cures those struck by madness.

Leading Tessa by the arm you have traveled many weeks until deep in a secluded valley, set atop a tall plinth of grey stone, you see the crumbling remains of an ancient shrine. The ruin is marked with a giant spider icon, holy symbol of the deity Shennog.

Looking for 1-2 Players
System: Dungeon Crawl Classics
7 Total levels
Experienced players only
Playing on Hangouts, will be recorded.

Themes: weird, old-school, player-skill vs character skill, horror, tomb raiding, religion, demons, mental illness


September 24
7:00 pm
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