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Sailors on the Starless Sea

November 2 @ 12:00 am

Youtube Stream or play in person – 245 West 29th Street, NYC

Sailors on the Starless Sea is a 0 level funnel for Dungeon Crawl Classics
Written by Harley Stroth
4-5 Players
No experience needed

You stand before the ruined keep, which squats atop a low, craggy hill, its walls of toppled stone and massive granite blocks hinting at forgotten battles and the clash of mighty armies. Now the ruins seem host only to creeping vines and the foul miasma that drifts down from the keep.

The air is overrun with pestilence. Fat flies bite at you incessantly, and clouds of small black insects choke your every breath. The long- abandoned land is choked with thorny vines that drape the sickly trees and hang from the ruined walls. There is an odor of rot and decay, as if the hill itself were decomposing from within.

A sight gives you pause: a ragged banner, depicting a crimson skull on a black field, stands high atop the ruined walls. Whatever lurks within has terrorized you and your village for far too long.

You turn to your companions and ready your meager weapons. The time for retribution has come


November 2
12:00 am
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