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Pinball Wizard Campaign

February 13 @ 12:00 pm EST

It is hard to know where to begin –
Today saw our stalwart heroes fight their way into the palace of the Queens of Cats. They deftly defeated a Sabre Toothed tiger then slipped by some hippopotamus guards. (First they caught a rabbit who seemed to be simply trying to go home- but he may have some information.)
The party avoided the sounds of a banquets instead crossing to the quieter side of the palace they were confronted by a French speaking artist and his aids who had a devil of a time moving paintings. The heroes let them pass and rounded a corner to find piles of broken toys and discarded books.
– surely there must be something cool!
Cool like a gelatinous cube.
So another iconic AD&D critter shows up in my game. We have had rust monsters, kobolds and even carrion crawlers – now the venerable gelatonous cube. And it eats and kills a party member. Henry “Hotdog suit” is gone. Three failed heal checks and a failed roll the body later and the PCs are picking over his gear.
With that over, ‘What’s behind this door?’
– three baby owlbears looking for food. They threw the spiced gar (I have no idea why they have spiced gar) and ran.
That gave them enough time to find the room with the door in the ceiling which leads to the hallway of grass. The hall is being used by cats riding ostriches playing a variant of polo. Yea.
Our velociraptor (see Goodman games program guide 2017 – it is in there) takes offense at the use of such noble brethren and picks a fight in order to free the birds.
Four dead cats later (despite their efforts to surrender) the party persuaded the valet to tell them where the bell and brass striker was- he lead them to a painting (Picasso’s guernica). So the party climbed in the painting.
And found themselves … in a room with displaced beasts. Territorial displaced beasts.
Our elf and wizard stepped up and soon the cats were dead.
Poking around they had lots of options- at least three sets of doors and a mirror that was perfect for being a portal.
– so let’s go out the big doors into the room with the giant snake and the throne.
To be fair the halfling tried to sneak his way by the snake – and was doing great until he botched the second roll. 😒
15 point of spitting poison damage later the little hobbit was down to one hp.
Once again the velociraptor jumped into the fray.
Followed by the wizard and a generous enlarge spell. And our cleric (the one with all the disapproval) they dispatched the snake with great prejudice and malice. As the velociraptor was literally ripping the head off the snake we saw the halfling casting the royally clad skeleton out of his (her) throne and resting himself upon the seat of power.
What could go wrong here?


February 13
12:00 pm EST
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