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Dungeon Crawl Classics: Umerican Beauty

October 29 @ 6:30 pm

Game Kastle Sacramento 5522 Garfield Ave, Sacramento, CA 95841

“Foretold in the ancient calendars, early in the 21st century a rogue object from deep space hurtled near the Earth and struck the Moon. Its impact caused catastrophic destruction around the globe, ripping the very fabric of time and space itself; yet mankind still survived. Centuries later, the planet is reborn… a strange new place of alien wonder and death: a world ruled by savagery, cruel sorcery, and twisted science. Now is the time for the mighty to rise up and take their place in this perilous and untamed land. Will they bring justice or suffering? Only time will tell…”

Our heroes are currently battling fishmen and flying monkeys with jetpacks on top of the wreck of an ancient vessel beached upon the shore of the Missipi (not a typo or misspelling) river, above them the strange flying craft continues to disgorge more jet powered primates. Silverback, a giant cyborg white ape has landed and they prepare for battle.

Any and all are welcome to join in. I have 3 extra seats available and 3-4 currently filled.

I am using the DCC Core rules and the Umerican Survival Guide. New players welcome. I will have extra characters and funky dice available.


October 29
6:30 pm
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Game Kastle Sacramento
5522 Garfield Ave,
Sacramento, CA 95841 United States
(916) 891-5233

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