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Chicago Dungeon Crawls 40: Hive of the Overmind (Part 2)

November 14, 2020 @ 6:30 pm EST

Welcome to the Fortieth installment of Chicago Dungeon Crawls!

Due to the plague all taverns and inns are closed in Chicago until further notice. But fear not, Chicago Dungeon Crawls continues! Now that we are virtual, you don’t actually have to be in Chicago! If you have any surviving characters from previous games, bring them! If not we will create some before we start.

MAIN TABLE (Table 1)
System: Mutant Crawl Classics
Adventure: Hive of the Overmind (Part 2)
Judge: Gary

[Join us! There is absolutely no need to have played Part 1]

A slight departure into the future apocalypse, this game is a perfect time for newbies to Chicago Dungeon Crawls to jump in. Mutant Crawl Classics is totally compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics and any surviving characters of this funnel can adventure on in future CDC games.

Younglings on their Rite of Passage are shocked to regain consciousness with no memory of how they came to be in a gigantic insect hive far to the north of their homelands, laboring as drone-slaves of the savage ant-men. In a land where an “insect revolution” has taken place, the PCs must contend with insectoid mega fauna and a maze-like underground installation before facing the ominous Overmind: a building-sized insect queen cybernetically linked to an ancient chaotic AI.

Secondary Tables
If enough people sign up, our reserve DMs will get a second online game going.


November 14, 2020
6:30 pm EST
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