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BoCC – Country Meat-Grinder Classics: “The Hellson Horror”

October 17 @ 6:00 pm EDT

Event for Bride of Cyclops Con:

In the past, the Hellson family clan were good charitable folk, feedin’ the hungry and shelterin’ the poor at their homestead. They say a witch done hexed ’em for it, and now nobody goes there anymores. They even say weird critters done been seen lurkin’ in the woods near their farm. And now, folks’re startin’ to turn up missin’. It jest may be time to pay the Hellsons a visit…

The drive-in movie genre of “hicksploitation horror” comes to DCC! “Country Meat Grinder Classics” was inspired by Country Crawl Classics, Meat Planet, and The Arwich Grinder, as well as cheaply-made B-movies in the rural survival/backwoods horror genre filled with psychotic mountain men, inbred mutants, wild-eyed witch-women, and cannibal hillbillies. Prepare for nervous laughter and genuine thrills! Of course, this “movie” is rated “R” for language, violence,and adult themes, so no one under 18 permitted without parent or guardian. 😉

This is a 2nd-level DCC game and characters will be provided.


October 17
6:00 pm EDT
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