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October 28, 2015
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Dungeon Crawl Classics 4th Printing Kickstarter:
Four Free Modules With the Hardcover!

DCC RPG Mullen cover

DCC RPG Silver foil cover
Since its debut in 2012, Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game (DCC RPG) has sold through three printings and spawned a movement. This Kickstarter funds the fourth printing, with stretch goals that add a plethora of awesome new features to the physical product.

The Kickstarter has already cleared a host of stretch goals, so if you pledge for the hardcover in print you will also get four free modules in print! Plus the hardcover will be upgraded to include sewn-in bookmarks, a dust jacket, and fold-out reference pages.

If You're Familiar With DCC RPG... may be asking, why do I need another copy of the core book?

Three reasons:

  • Because if this Kickstarter funds high enough, this latest printing will be physically awesome! It could include features like ribbon bookmarks, gilded pages, fold-out reference tables, dictionary-style thumb tabs, and more!
  • Because this is your chance to get a limited edition cover -- and as we know, those sell out fast. (The wizard cover, Jeff Easley cover, and legendary gold foil cover are all gone!) This Kickstarter has the new cover by Peter Mullen, and the silver foil cover by Doug Kovacs.
  • And because, if this Kickstarter goes well, you'll get a lot of free modules, too. Four bonus modules are already cleared, and there could be more!

What's Different In This Printing?

The content of the fourth printing is largely similar to prior printings. The interior is very similar to the third printing, with some corrections of typographical errors, minor errata, and updated ads in the back. There is a new low-level adventure by Harley Stroh entitled The Abbott of the Woods, which replaces the short adventure The Infernal Crucible of Sezrekan the Mad. And there are a few pieces of new interior art where we missed white space on the previous three printings.

After only a couple days, the Kickstarter is already fully funded and several stretch goals have been unlocked!

Pledge today and don't miss out on this historic event!

2015 Halloween Module: They Served Brandolyn Red

They Served Brandolyn Red
It's your last chance before Halloween to order the DCC RPG 2015 Halloween module: They Served Brandolyn Red! This level 0 funnel by Stephen Newton features a wedding your fellow villagers will talk about for generations!

"The village of Portnelle is once again bright and festive. After years of feuding, the town's most prominent and influential families will finally be making peace as the youngest generations are joined in marriage. However, when an evil born of dark secrets refuses to stay buried, blood will flow like wine at the reception."

All print orders come with a free PDF version as well!
Order now and you can play it tomorrow with the PDF edition while you wait for the print copy to arrive in the mail.

If you're not convinced yet, read this review from Throat Punch Games: "From the art to the layout, this is a phenomenal adventure and an excellent introduction to DCCRPG, and if a group was looking for a place to start, this is probably the best adventure to throw your friends and yourself as the GM into."

Goodman Games Apparel

Goodman Games apparel
Goodman Games apparel is still available, including the new designs from Gen Con 2015! Get quality shirts to promote your favorite games: DCC RPG, Judges Guild, Metamorphosis Alpha, Xcrawl, and more! Supplies are limited, so order while we have your size in stock!

Browse our apparel store here!

Podcast roundup

Save or Die
Bob Bledsaw Jr on Save or Die -- Bob Bledsaw, Jr. is the son of the Judges Guild founder and has been involved in the family business since he was a young child. Work on our Judges Guild reprint continues, but in the meantime you can listen to Bob discuss the history of the Judges Guild on the Save or Die podcast. Click here for part one, and click here for part two!

Sanctum Secorum
Sanctum Secorum -- The Sanctum Secorum podcast plumbs the depths of Appendix N as it applies to DCC RPG. Each show reviews one piece of Appendix N media -- be it literature or film -- and then discusses how to bring aspects of it to the table for your DCC game. They explore how the selected piece might already easily fit into particular modules and DCC settings, and they highlight one specific DCC module that really ties into the Appendix N material.

Each episode also has the downloadable Sanctum Secorum Companion, a PDF with DCC RPG rules for creatures and items in that episode!

Enter the Sanctum Secorum... and be inspired.

Recent Releases

Goodman Games modules now in stores -- Visit your friendly local gaming store now to pick these excellent products: DCC #67: Sailors on the Starless Sea, Artist's Choice edition, DCC #83.1: Tales of the Shudder Mountains, DCC #84.1: The Rock Awakens, and Maximum Xcrawl: BostonCrawl!
Sailors cover
DCC #67: Sailors on the Starless Sea, Artist's Choice edition
Tales of the Shudder Mountains
DCC #83.1: Tales of the Shudder Mountains
The Rock Awakens
DCC #84.1: The Rock Awakens
Maximum Xcrawl: BostonCrawl
Explore other worlds with DCC RPG -- Did you know that many stories in Appendix N send fantasy adventurers to other planets where science and magic co-exist? DCC RPG supports that sort of adventuring with several modules that explore other worlds. Some examples: Peril on the Purple Planet, The Making of the Ghost Ring, Against the Atomic Overlord, and The 998th Conclave of Wizards. There's no need to limit your play to one world!
Peril on the Purple Planet
DCC #84: Peril on the Purple Planet
The Making of the Ghost Ring
DCC #85: The Making of the Ghost Ring
Against the Atomic Overlord
DCC #87: Against the Atomic Overlord
998th Conclave of Wizards
DCC #88: The 998th Conclave of Wizards

Dragonlock Terrain Kickstarter

Dragon Lock Terrain
From our friends at Fat Dragon Games comes the Dragonlock Terrain Kickstarter!

DRAGONLOCK (patent pending) is an all-new interlocking terrain system that allows you to create fully modular, multi-level 28mm scale dungeon terrain for your RPG or wargame on your home 3D printer. Each set is delivered in a downloadable .stl format via our online distribution partner, and once you have the set, you can print as many pieces as you like and never run out or need to purchase more. This new terrain system is the culmination of ten years of gaming terrain design experience.

By supporting this Kickstarter, you get bonus models that won't be available later, and access to free stretch rewards.

Visit for these and other regular updates! As always, you can contact us at