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November 26, 2015
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The Dark Master Brings You The Blackest of Fridays:
Five Amazing Deals!

D50 Cover
Fifty Fantastic Functions for the D50

Goodman Games and Col. Lou Zocchi bring you a unique polyhedron and 50 ways to use it in your fantasy and sci-fi RPG's!

This special Black Friday Kickstarter is a limited-time-offer to create a 112-page book of uses for the 50-sided die, to be shipped with said 50-sided die. The Kickstarter only runs for two weeks!

For years, legendary gaming icon Colonel Lou Zocchi has sold the esoteric 50-sided die at his convention booths. Now Goodman Games brings you, at long last, a book with more than 50 entries describing how to use the D50. Ranging from randomized tables to customized game mechanics, this book will ensure everyone at your table can't wait to use their D50!

Pledge now and line up your D50 experience for the holidays!

Grab Bag
Black Friday Grab Bags!

Grab bags are back! We take a medium-sized Priority Mail box, stuff it full of product, and charge you $50.00 + $11.30 priority mail shipping. The typical box will contain face value of $100-$150 or more of modules, sourcebooks, and other materials, selected at random from across our product lines. Available in USA only. Sorry international guys!

Advent cover 30% Off All Digest-Sized "Stocking Stuffer" Modules, Including:

Dungeon Crawl Classics 2015 Holiday Module:
Advent of the Avalanche Lords

A new holiday-themed level 3 adventure for DCC RPG! A showdown at the icy gates of civilization! Father Frost has gone missing and Krinnleton faces explosive turmoil from within. A band of newly-arrived adventurers offer hope that the nefarious forces from the north may be routed. But the magical dome around the elven town crumbles and the might of the vile Avalanche Lords strengthens! The heroes must survive their journey through the icy wastes, past the hideous shiver serpents, beyond the edge of the snowy peaks to the old woodman's lava-drenched workshop. Only then might they defeat the marching mammoths wielding the pulsating polar energy of the terrible Celsion Engine!

Buy now for only $7.00, and also save 30% on other digest-sized modules at our online store!

Gift card Holiday cards and gift wrap!

For the gamer in your life, you can get a pack of 10 DCC RPG holiday cards for $10, or a sheet of 18"x12" holiday gift wrap for $5! Buy now from our online store!

Gift paper

And finally, you can save 40% on all Goodman Games PDF e-books on RPGNow!

Visit our online store now to get all these deals plus also check out these new releases!

DCC #88: The 998th Conclave of Wizards
DCC #84.2: Synthetic Swordsmen of the Purple Planet
Fifth Edition Fantasy #5: Into the Dragon's Maw

Looking for the perfect gift?
Consider original art from your favorite module!

Prolific artist Stefan Poag has contributed illustrations to virtually every DCC RPG product published since the game was released. Well-known in the OSR art scene for his evocative and entertaining style, Stefan is also a fun guy to hang out with. Many of you had the chance to meet him at the Goodman Games booth last year at Gen Con, and he's also attended several gaming conventions this year (most recently U-Con, just last weekend).

Stefan's web site has been updated to offer original art for sale. If you're looking for the perfect gift for that gamer in your life, check out Stefan's original artwork store! And if you don't see what you want, you can always contact Stefan to inquire about specific pieces of art that you've seen in your favorite module!

Stefan image Stefan color

Black Friday Deals on DCC RPG Third-Party Content

Several of the third-party publishers that support DCC RPG have announced Black Friday sales! Check out the 3PP items on your DCC RPG wish list to see they are on sale. A good place to start is Thick Skull Adventures! A longtime third-party supporter of DCC RPG, they're offering all their titles for $2.99 this weekend, reduced from the usual $4.99! This includes their DCC RPG adventures Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman, The Haunting of Larvik Island, and Attack of the Frawgs. Visit the Thick Skull Adventures RPG Now storefront today to save!

Cover2 Cover3
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