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March 7, 2015
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Last Call for The Monster Alphabet Kickstarter!

The Dungeon Alphabet
GM Gems

It's the final weekend for the Monster Alphabet and GM Gems Kickstarter! Pledge now while you still can!

We've booked several stretch goals, including three "bonus letters" (like "O is for Ooze" and "L is for Lair"). We're close to another bonus letter and there are only a couple days left!

The Monster Alphabet is a lavishly illustrated 64-page hardcover sourcebook. It is systems-neutral and usable with any fantasy setting. Each page or spread is an "inspirational letter" which has a random table associated with a monster attribute. For example: A is for Android, B is for Breath Weapon, C is for Crossbreed, and so on. It is written by Jobe Bittman with Michael Curtis. Inspired by the hit Dungeon Alphabet sourcebook by Michael Curtis, it includes a foreword by Frank Mentzer, an introduction by Michael Curtis, and art by Erol Otus, Jeff Easley, Doug Kovacs, Russ Nicholson, Peter Mullen, Stefan Poag, and a multitude of other great RPG artists.

P is for Plants

GM Gems is an 80-page systems-neutral hardcover of game master inspiration organized around general adventuring topics. It is filled with a wealth of information and ideas to empower every aspect of your game. The first printing sold out several years ago. This Kickstarter funds a second printing, in hardcover format, with new art to supplement the original work, including new cover art by TSR alum Laura Lakey, new interior work by fan favorite Stefan Poag, and new endsheets by Peter Mullen.
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