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July 3, 2014
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Maximum Xcrawl Kickstarter

Maximum Xcrawl
Xcrawl is back!

The return of Xcrawl, now powered by Pathfinder, in a hardcover format! You are a superstar athlete taking your chances in a live-on-pay-per-view death sport dungeon. This new edition includes all-new art and completely new writing, building on the core game concepts of the original 3.5E publication, which was Ennie-nominated for "D20 Game Of The Year" upon its original release.
Check out this early review of the new edition on YouTube.

The Kickstarter has already unlocked FIVE stretch goals, and more are sure to be had before this is all over! For a mere $40 pledge, you get:
  • The 160 page Pathfinder-compatible hardcover including everything you need to play. The basic pledge includes both print + PDF edition. Based on a completed stretch goal, the endsheets on the core book will be printed in full color! They will show the four-panel image originally used for the Xcrawl GM screen.
  • A free PDF of the module The Inaugural Celebrity Pro-Am Crawl, which was originally published under 3.5E rules and will be converted to both Pathfinder and DCC RPG stats.
  • A free PDF of the module Dungeonbattle Brooklyn, which was originally published under 3.5E rules and will be converted to both Pathfinder stats and DCC RPG stats.
  • A 20-pack of Xcrawl character folios shipped with the core book! The 3-page character sheet will be combined with a notes page and printed as a 4-page folio.
  • A pad of Xcrawl statistics sheets shipped with the core book!
We're closing in on the next stretch goal, which is a PDF of NPCs to be used in your games (Dungeon Judges, rival crawlers, and enemy leaders). After that are a variety of more fun ones: a GM screen, more adventures, character portraits, the Xcrawl Swimsuit Edition, and more!

At the $60 pledge level, you also get two more adventures, Dungeon Detonation and Studio City Crawl!

Pledge to the Maximum Xcrawl Kickstarter now!

Community News

Purple Sorcerer Games
Purple Sorcerer Games Pledge Drive

Purple Sorcerer Games, the brilliant company that brought you handy apps like the Crawler's Companion and the 0-level Party Generator, has only a few days left in their pledge drive to cover their computing costs. As they say, "Our tools are free, and will remain free forever. But web hosting and app-store publishing fees are regular expenses, and the need to add newer high-resolution devices to the Crawler's Companion Testing Grotto is a wicket most sticky."

But hey, you want a more direct reward than knowing you helped keep these useful tools going? You can get adventures, you can influence what tool is worked on next, and you can earn the chance to win cool one-of-a-kind stuff from Harley Stroh and Michael Curtis!

Visit Purple Sorcerer's website for details!

The Wizardarium of Calabraxis
The Wizardarium of Calabraxis

A new DCC RPG adventure from Kill It With Fire for only $1.95! Can't beat that price.

The Wizardarium of Calabraxis starts off with strangely behaving apemen, but players who start to explore the cave where they reside will soon discover there is a lot going on: ancient civilizations, the mad experiments of a forgotten wizard, and a couple unique magic items are guaranteed to provide a lot of bang for your buck to your players.

Buy now in PDF!
The Well of Souls
The Well of Souls

A 0-level DCC RPG adventure from Stormlord Publishing.

"From the darkness of the well emanates the haunting moans of the deceased plunderers and defilers who risked everything to learn the secrets below. But you have something they did not: The Tablets of Fate. Through guile and treachery, force and luck, you have jointly acquired these ancient stone tablets, and only with their hieroglyphics dare you hope to circumvent the horrors that lie within the Well of Souls.

You and your guide, Farid, stand around a gaping hole in the floor of a mountain cave. A crude pulley and rope system hangs over the hole, and from it dangles a single wooden bucket. Will you brave the depths below in search of fame, fortune and liberation from your downtrodden lives?"

This is a level 0 adventure, but it can be enjoyed with a party of 1st level characters aided by hirelings. It was designed to play in about 4 hours or less, making it ideal for new players, convention play, or even a one-shot.

Buy now in PDF or print!

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