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July 27, 2015
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Metamorphosis Alpha: Epsilon City
Kickstarter is Now Live

Epsilon City

Epsilon City wasn't even half full three hundred years ago, when the interstellar radiation cloud destroyed the people of the ship and turned 99% of them into piles of white ash. The city was wiped out. Now, three hundred years later, things are vastly different in the city. The A.I. is insane and has an aggressive personality. The special robots have had to change or be destroyed, and have mutated much like the rest of the life on the ship. Wolfoid packs now inhabit many sections of the city and consider this metropolis their lair. And many more dangers lurk, hidden and waiting to be explored...

2016 marks the 40th anniversary of Metamorphosis Alpha! In honor of this milestone, creator James M. Ward has authorized Goodman Games to publish Metamorphosis Alpha: Epsilon City. This huge expansion for the starship Warden is the biggest expansion for the original 1976 edition ever published! Epsilon City will be published as a deluxe hardcover. And, if we achieve enough stretch goals, this will be expanded into a boxed set! Pledge now!

Gen Con attendees! If you pledge for this Kickstarter while at Gen Con, you'll get an exclusive Captain badge ribbon! It fits perfectly for display on your Gen Con badge! Visit the Goodman Games booth (#525) and bring proof of your pledge (mobile phone is fine) to claim your badge ribbon!

Gen Con Or Bust!

The wizard van is on the move! Join us in Indianapolis July 30-August 2 for Gen Con, the best four days in gaming! The Dark Master will be present in the flesh, with all his brilliant minions. This year the agenda is packed!
  • Death by Nexus is the new 0-level DCC RPG tournament!
  • Enter the Dagon is the other 0-level DCC RPG tournament!
  • Anaheim Crawl is the annual Xcrawl tournament!
  • What's New With Goodman Games? Join us Saturday at 7:00 PM for insights, announcements, and special guests! (Crowne Plaza, Pennsylvania Station Room #B)
  • How to Write Adventure Modules That Don't Suck! Join us Friday at 7:00 PM for the best advice we have to offer! (Crowne Plaza, Pennsylvania Station Room #B)
  • Artist-Palooza! Get your favorite modules signed by the artists! Steve Crompton, Doug Kovacs, Brad McDevitt, Jeremy Mohler and Stegan Poag in one place at the same time. At the booth (#525), Friday 11:00-Noon and Saturday 1:00-2:00.
  • Writer-Palooza: How many adventure writers can you cram into one booth at once? Answer: A lot! Steven Bean, Jobe Bittman, Tim Callahan, Michael Curtis, Joseph Goodman, Jon Hershberger, Brendan LaSalle, Terry Olson, Harley Stroh, Jim Wampler, and Dieter Zimmerman in one place at the same time. At the booth (#525). Friday 1:00-2:00.
  • And tons of other games, lots of new releases, and...championship belts. Belts? Read on!


Gen Con New Releases

Visit booth #525 at Gen Con to pick up these exciting new products!

Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor
Judges Guild:The Thieves
of Fortress Badabaskor

MA: Robots Among Us
Metamorphosis Alpha:
Robots Among Us

Boston Crawl
Maximum Xcrawl:

998th Conclave of Wizards
DCC #88: The 998th
Conclave of Wizards

998th Sketch Cover
DCC #88: The 998th Conclave
of Wizards, sketch cover

Masks of Lankhmar
DCC Lankhmar:
Masks of Lankhmar

Curse of the Kingspire
DCC #88.5:
Curse of the Kingspire

Tales of the Shudder Mountains
DCC #83.1: Tales of
the Shudder Mountains

The Rock Awakens
DCC #84.1:
The Rock Awakens

The Croaking Fane sketch cover
DCC #77: The Croaking
Fane, sketch cover

Sailors Artist Cover
DCC #67: Sailors on the Starless
Sea, Artists Choice covers

Grimtooth's Museum
DCC #87.5: Grimtooth's
Museum of Death

Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps
Collection (softcover)

GM Gems
GM Gems
Monster Alphabet
The Monster Alphabet

Pillars of Pellagia
Fifth Edition Fantasy #3:
Pillars of Pellagia

Fifth Edition Fantasy #4:

Dragon's Maw
Fifth Edition Fantasy #5:
Into the Dragon's Maw

Gen Con Program Guide
Gen Con 2015 Program Guide

Harley Has A Belt For You

A championship belt, that is. Two of them. Are you man enough to claim one? The 0-level tournament is getting dialed up to 11 at Gen Con this year. Be there in person to find out who wins the championship belts! There are two belts, one for Death by Nexus and one for Enter the Dagon.

Harley's belt
Goodman Games will be hosting two DCC RPG tournaments at Gen Con this year! Both can be played with generic tickets, and each has a truly epic grand prize! Play your PCs until they die, then the next player tags in. Check the leader board at our booth to track your score!

Nexus belt

Pick a side as the forces of Law, Neutrality & Chaos vie for supremacy in this 0-level funnel tournament! The winner (survivor) walks away with the fabled Girdle of Nexus! 
Nexus belt
With croaking voices and baying wails the children of Father Dagon bid all challengers welcome! Descend into the muck-dark deeps to spellduel your fellow wizards for glory, lost treasures, and the title of Archmage of the Deep! Many wizards may enter the sunken city, but only one will emerge as the Chosen of Dagon.

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Visit for the Christmas in July sale! All Goodman Games PDFs are 25% off until the end of July!

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