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March 15, 2016
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Judges Guild Deluxe Collector's Edition

Judges Guild Collector's Edition

2016 is the 40th anniversary of Judges Guild. Judges Guild is the company that created the adventure module. Judges Guild is also the company that created the random encounter table, the critical hit chart, and the hex crawl. Judges Guild is one of the most influential RPG companies ever to exist -- and if you like the products Goodman Games publishes, we believe you will enjoy the works of Judges Guild.

JG image

In partnership with Judges Guild, Goodman Games is very excited to announce a Kickstarter for the Judges Guild Deluxe Collector's Edition. This is the most ambitious project we have ever attempted -- the kind of project that could not have existed before Kickstarter. We want to produce a book that measures 13" wide x 18" tall. Yes, you read that right - the book is a foot-and-a-half tall. Moreover, it is 224 pages long. Each page holds roughly 250% of the content that fits on a normal 8.5"x11" page.

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Why would we print such a massive book? So we can collect some of the best material ever published by Judges Guild - including the incredible oversized hand-drawn maps of Bob Bledsaw, Sr., reprinted at original size and bound into the volume. And we would like to reprint the original Judges Guild Journals, at their original printed size of 11"x17". In forty years, these Journals have never before been reprinted! These are the original RPG magazines, of quality comparable to the early issues of The Dragon, printed at a time before TSR ever considered publishing adventure modules.

JG image

Judges Guild is the company that created the adventure module, and this Kickstarter presents some of their greatest works. The Judges Guild Deluxe Collector's Edition will include Tegel Manor, Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor, and Citadel of Fire. These will be printed with five installments of the legendary Judges Guild Journal. The book will also include introductions by Jon Peterson and Michael Curtis, a foreword by Bob Bledsaw, Jr., galleries of the various cover images over the multiple printings of these modules, selections from material presented in later printings that was not included in earlier materials, and fully authorized new material as well.

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We are also offering reprints suitable for actual play at the table -- not just for archival purposes. You can pledge for Tegel Manor, Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor, Citadel of Fire, and Dark Tower in 8.5"x11" softcover format. Each is printed on premium paper stock with modern presses.

Gary Con VIII

GaryCon Crew

We had a terrific time at Gary Con! Thanks to everyone for the great games, enthusiasm and good wishes, and all the excitement at the booth. From left to right: Jobe Bittman, Michael Curtis, Brendan LaSalle, Chuck Plimpton, Joseph Goodman, and Jim Wampler. Not pictured: Doug Kovacs, but you can find him in the video below...

James M. Ward Honored with E. Gary Gygax Lifetime Achievement Award

At Gary Con, Metamorphosis Alpha creator James M. Ward was honored with the first-ever E. Gary Gygax Lifetime Achievement Award.This year is the 40th anniversary of Metamorphosis Alpha, and Mr. Ward's lifetime of achievement in game design is a fitting tribute to his friend and mentor, Gary Gygax, after whom the award was named. The speech on Mr. Ward's credits and accomplishments was quite lengthy - he really does have a lifetime of achievement, of which Metamorphosis Alpha is just part. We're honored to work with Mr. Ward and publish his products.

Luke Gygax (right) gives the E. Gary Gygax Lifetime Achievement Award to Metamorphosis Alpha creator James M. Ward (left)

The award itself. Congratulations, Mr. Ward!

What's New With Goodman Games?

As is our usual tradition, we held our "What's New With Goodman Games" seminar at Gary Con. This year's seminar covered a lot of ground - at 2 hours it's the longest one yet. There's just so much exciting stuff to discuss! Among other things, we discussed the many new releases at the convention, the latest work on DCC Lankhmar, the latest work on Mutant Crawl Classics, Erol Otus's new cover for a DCC module, Doug Kovacs' current work-in-progress for the cover of the Dungeon Crawl Classics Annual, Doug's finished art for DCC #90: The Dread God Al-Khazadar, Grimtooth's Trapsylvania, our Free RPG Day releases, and...oh wait, are those all news items? Well, that's why you should listen to the seminar - that's where we discuss these things!

This year's seminar also included several special guests! There are two huge 40th anniversaries in 2016: this is the 40th anniversary of Metamorphosis Alpha, and the 40th anniversary of Judges Guild. James M. Ward dropped by first to discuss Metamorphosis Alpha (he appears around the 39:30 mark), then Bob Bledsaw Jr. dropped in to discuss Judges Guild (he appears around the 1:20 mark). You can also hear Doug Kovacs discuss his latest works (around the 29:00 mark), Jim Wampler discuss his work on Mutant Crawl Classics (starting at the 54:00 mark), and Michael Curtis discusses the latest project on DCC Lankhmar, officially licensed by the estate of Fritz Leiber (starting at the 59:00 mark).

Click here to view the video! And please accept our apologies for the lousy sound quality...our bad. That auditorium was so nice and now we understand why that microphone was standing off to the side. Next time. In the meantime, crank up the volume and you should be able to hear most of it.

Gary con video

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