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December 6, 2015
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Fifty Fantastic Functions for the D50

The D50

50 Fantastic Functions for the D50
Only two few days left!

Goodman Games and Col. Lou Zocchi bring you a unique polyhedron and 50 ways to use it in your fantasy and sci-fi RPG's! They're running a Kickstarter to create a 112-page book of uses for the 50-sided die, to be shipped with said die.

Gaming pioneer Col. Lou Zocchi, creator of the 100-sided die and inductee into the Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame, has a long history with unique polyhedrons. He shares an interest in dice with Goodman Games founder Joseph Goodman. At a recent game convention, Lou and Joseph were talking about dice. Lou showed Joseph his 50-sided die, a large heavy polyhedron that resembles a child's top. As with all things Lou sells, the die has a fun origin story. It was created long ago in a failed scheme to profit from the Wisconsin state lottery, and Lou came into possession of a great number of surplus 50-sided dice when the original creator divorced and was forced to liquidate his possessions. 

While talking to Joseph, Lou lamented the lack of games that utilize the D50. "It's a fun die and more gamers would buy it if it had more uses in the games," said Lou.

"Hmm," thought Joseph. "I can do something about thatů"

Behold: Fifty Fantastic Functions for the D50

This 112-page book has more than 50 ways to use a D50. (55, to be exact.) You can also use the book by rolling d% (d100) and dividing by 2. But let's face it...rolling a D50 is a lot more fun.

Created by the usual gang of strangely creative Goodman Games authors, Fifty Fantastic Functions for the D50 will enrich any fantasy, horror or science fiction game. And it's just plain fun. Get your D50 and start rolling on entries such as these:

  • 50 Super-Scientific Treasures
  • 50 Meaningful Motivations for NPCs
  • What has it gots in its' pockets? 50 Pickpocketing Results
  • D50 Assassin Generator
  • 50 Gems for your Glittering Horde
  • 50 Potent Poisons
  • 50 Oddities Found in the Necromancer's Lair
  • 50 Dungeon Doors...and What Lies Beyond Them
  • And many more!

The Kickstarter is almost over. You have only a couple days left to get in on the action. Secure your D50 and book now! If you act quickly, you can still get the book and die in time for Christmas. They'll make a great gift for the gamer in your life!

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Dungeon Crawl Classics 2015 Holiday Module:
Advent of the Avalanche Lords

Advent of the Avalanche Lords
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A level 3 DCC RPG adventure by Tim Callahan

A showdown at the icy gates of civilization! Father Frost has gone missing and Krinnleton faces explosive turmoil from within. A band of newly-arrived adventurers offer hope that the nefarious forces from the north may be routed. But the magical dome around the elven town crumbles and the might of the vile Avalanche Lords strengthens! The heroes must survive their journey through the icy wastes, past the hideous shiver serpents, beyond the edge of the snowy peaks to the old woodman's lava-drenched workshop. Only then might they defeat the marching mammoths wielding the pulsating polar energy of the terrible Celsion Engine!

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We want your help at Gen Con!

Gen Con Recruitment Poster
Believe it or not, Gen Con event submission opens January 6! Goodman Games is putting together plans for Gen Con and we'd like to have even more judges available to run DCC RPG and other games! If you're interested in running games at Gen Con, in exchange for fame, fortune, and possibly some cool swag (once we figure out exactly what we're doing), please let us know!

Designers & Discourses podcast

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Designers & Discourses --
Fans of OSR gaming in general and Goodman Games products in particular will enjoy this new podcast from Jim Wampler.
Among his guests on the first episodes are Michael Curtis, James M. Ward, and Harley Stroh! Hear them discuss the various influences that color their game design.

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