Even More Stretch Goals Unlocked!

You smashed the $420k stretch goal which gave you the option for the slipcase add-on! Now you’ve done it again, and we’ve unlocked the GM screen at $450k!

These GM screens will have beautiful Caverns of Thracia art to face the players and useful tables for the GM on the opposite side! These GM screens will be of no cost to backers. There will be a physical one for those who purchase physical copies of the book and a digital version for those who back the PDFs only.

Don’t miss out on your chance to get an awesome new GM screen when you back Caverns of Thracia!

Thanks to your amazing support, we’ve unlocked a total of 15 stretch goals during the project! These special bits and baubles that have been unlocked are only available through the BackerKit project, so back now before you miss out!

Caverns of Thracia is a legendary adventure written by Jennell Jaquays. In the Goodman Games’ updated version for both DCC and 5E, characters will rise from 1st level to 10th (5E) or 1st through 5th (DCC), a complete campaign experience in one amazing adventure!

A complete setting that supports a full-year campaign and takes your characters from levels 1 to 10 in 5E or levels 1-5 in DCC. Includes an extensive dungeon, the ruins, and an overland archipelago. A thousand-year-old dungeon mystery waiting to be solved. Interact with factions to reveal level-by-level backstory. Featuring combat, exploration, and social interaction across 6 vast dungeon levels, including:

  • 300+ encounter areas
  • 125+ new monsters
  • 40+ new magic items, spells, and curses

Follow Caverns of Thracia on BackerKit now, and be ready when it, Hellpits of Nightfang, DCC #109: Beneath the Isle of Serpents, and FEF #27 launch in a few weeks!

Author: alana

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