Netcrawl Is Coming to BackerKit!

Horse Shark Games is returning to BackerKit with a new third party project: Netcrawl! Follow now to get notified when the project goes live!

You are coherent data traveling at the speed of light,
a digital avatar searching for computerized information. 

There is something hidden in the virtual realms,
and you shall hack it.

Adventure into computer systems and explore transhumanism, Artificial Intelligences, technological singularity, and humanity’s future in the upcoming Netcrawl RPG.

In most games, computer system hacking/raiding is a series of specialist character class skill rolls. Netcrawl RPG presents an immersive VR RPG setting & toolkit that permits the entire party to adventure forth into the computer to find data, destroy corrupt corporations, or free the oppressed and helpless. Looming over the players is the constant threat of detection, opposition from ICE (Intrusion Countermeasure Entities) or, the attention of god-like AIs.

Netcrawl RPG is inspired by DCC RPG, but can be used as a stand alone game or as a cyber-sidecar to your current game.

Author: alana

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