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Funded in 12 hours with only a week left, this new parody compendium from Gaming Honors has over 35 monsters!

Have a party that has leveled up to 15 or higher, faced demons and dragons, and who have settled into their base for what seemed like the final time? The MID-LIFE MONSTER MANUAL is an illustrated parody good for any aging person! This compendium is also filled with pun-tastic beasts like the fearsome Backsarisk whose attack can leave PCs paralyzed in pain, the Misplacer Beast… wait… what were we going to say about them again? Well… even if they made us forget, we can’t stop giggling at the blissfully out-of-touch Dorcs.

This survival guide through middle-age will fit right in with other Gaming Honors parody RPGs like Diapers & Daycares or Dwellings & Driveways! Support this all new spin on the classic monster manual on BackerKit!

Author: alana

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