DCC Day is Next Month! Get a Preview of “Truth of the Forbidden Stone” From Our DCC Day Critical Kits!

Ask your FLGS about DCC Day today!

Our one day celebration of all things DCC is coming up next month — on Saturday, July 20th! On DCC Day, participating retailers will have exclusive adventures, limited editions, and awesome freebies for their customers.

We offer DCC Day Kits with these core Goodman Games DCC Day offerings — and this year we’re kicking things into overdrive with the addition of DCC Day Critical Kits.

Part of this year’s DCC Day Critical Kit offering is Stefan Surratt’s level 1 adventure “Truth of the Forbidden Stone” from Dragon Peak Publishing, and you can see a preview of it right here.

Truth of the Forbidden Stone” is a Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG tournament-style adventure intended for 4-5 1st-levelcharacters, and can be run in about 2 hours. The characters are placed under a geas and magically swap places with students who are in detention at a magical wizard school called The Eternal Academy. If they ever wish to return home, the PCs must banish demons, negotiate union contracts, and steal a book from the library!

This, along with other amazing DCC Day exclusives like the Gold Foil Hardcover of Return to the Starless Sea, this year’s DCC Day adventure Gods of the Earth, and the FREE DCC Day Adventure Pack, will be available at participating stores.

Be sure to ask your retailer to order DCC Day Kits AND the new DCC Day Critical Kits, for the full array of awesome DCC Day exclusives!

Want to see DCC Day at your local store? Here’s How.

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