DCC #109: Beneath the Isle of the Serpents Crowdfunding with Caverns of Thracia!

Set in Thracia where secrets abound and treasures are waiting to be found, DCC #109: Beneath the Isle of the Serpent is an all-new DCC RPG adventure expanding on the material of the original setting. This 16-page adventure written by Bob Brinkman is ideal for 2nd level.

When islanders on the Starry Archipelago start going missing, the region teeters on the edge of warfare. It’s up to the player characters to discover what lurks beneath the island and end its threat to the surface world.

Caverns of Thracia is a legendary adventure written by Jennell Jaquays. In the Goodman Games’ updated version for both DCC and 5E, characters will rise from 1st level to 10th (5E) or 1st through 5th (DCC), a complete campaign experience in one amazing adventure!

A complete setting that supports a full-year campaign and takes your characters from levels 1 to 10 in 5E or levels 1-5 in DCC. Includes an extensive dungeon, the ruins, and an overland archipelago. A thousand-year-old dungeon mystery waiting to be solved. Interact with factions to reveal level-by-level backstory. Featuring combat, exploration, and social interaction across 6 vast dungeon levels, including:

  • 300+ encounter areas
  • 125+ new monsters
  • 40+ new magic items, spells, and curses

Follow Caverns of Thracia on BackerKit now, and be ready when it, Hellpits of Nightfang and DCC #109 launch in July!

Author: alana

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